Stuart Pimm is the Doris Duke Professor of Conservation Ecology at Duke University. His research focuses on biodiversity, patterns of habitat loss and species extinction, and how extinctions can be prevented. He has studied endangered species around the world, from the Florida Everglades to the rainforests of Brazil, and has been called to testify before the House and Senate during debate over renewal of the Endangered Species Act. He has published more than 150 articles, and three books including The World According to Pimm: A Scientist Audits the Earth (McGraw Hill, 2001).

Awards and honors:

  • Pew Scholar in Conservation and the Environment, 1993

  • Kempe Prize for Distinguished Ecologists, 1994

  • Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellow, 1999

  • 1984-1999. University of Tennessee, Science Alliance

  • 1993-1995. Sigma Xi National Lecturer

  • 1997- present. Distinguished Associate in Research, Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu.

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