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Researchers and Staff Members

Positions at the New England Complex Systems Institute are part of a team of first-class researchers and staff who contribute to NECSI research while advancing their personal careers and interests. Positions vary according to academic background, autonomy, on-site or remote location, and focus.

Postdoctoral and Student Fellows

The NECSI Fellows Program provides an opportunity for postdoctoral and graduate students to join in complex systems research activities and publications, working directly with NECSI researchers. NECSI Fellows remain in residence at their home institutions and receive financial support for travel to NECSI to participate in special programs and research. Collaborations continue year round.

NECSI Postdoc and Student Fellows participate in:

  • educational programs at NECSI in selected areas of advanced studies of the approach and methods of complex systems science;

  • research activities and publications of NECSI through collaboration and mentoring by NECSI faculty and postdocs; and

  • special programs for NECSI Fellows.

Fellows are appointed for a three- to five-year term.

Faculty Fellows

The NECSI faculty fellows program provides a unique opportunity to participate and develop new research in complex systems through collaborations at NECSI. This program of three- to five-year NECSI appointments offers outstanding faculty from the US or internationally the opportunity to join in NECSI research activities in complex systems science and its application across academic disciplines and social concerns.

NECSI Fellows can also participate in learning or teaching in educational programs. NECSI Fellows remain in residence at their home institutions and receive support for annual travel to NECSI to participate in special programs and collaborations. Research collaborations continue year round. The goal of the program is to dramatically advance the rate of contribution of complex system science to science and society through promoting successful research collaborations and publications.

Guest Lecturers

NECSI welcomes presenters from academic and non-academic domains to give formal or informal presentations of their research.

NECSI also conducts informal discussions of topics of interest.

If you are interested in giving a guest lecture at NECSI, please send an e-mail to

Help us connect with others

Many communities are working on problems that we have analyzed. Help us connect with them, so that we can collaborate on real world solutions.

Be aware

Read more about complex systems, and whenever you read a news story, ask yourself if complex systems principles apply. Separate unimportant details from what really matters.


Want to use one of NECSI's figures? For permission to use graphics from the NECSI papers and website, please send an email to and indicate what the use is (book, article, etc). Use will generally be granted for academic or non-profit purposes if citation is made to the original paper. Commercial use will also generally be granted, but we may request more detailed information. If formatting allows, a link should be included to the NECSI webpage on which the paper is posted.