The research of NECSI President Yaneer Bar-Yam is highlighted in the recently released 20th anniversary edition of James Gleick's bestseller Chaos: Making a New Science. A new afterward on developments in chaos theory recognizes NECSI Professor Yaneer Bar-Yam's work on complexity, including his innovative simulations of social systems.

"[Bar-Yam] discovered he was less interested in polymers and superconductors than in neural networks and--he says this with no sense of grandiosity--the nature of human civilization," writes Gleick about Bar-Yam's research. "With computer modeling, Bar-Yam has been studying, among other things, global patterns of ethnic violence... That he can do this work at all illustrates the profound shift over the past two decades."

A National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize finalist, Gleick's book brought the scientific study of chaos into the public eye. In it, he details a number of groundbreaking concepts that have become critical to the discipline of complex systems.

"We're very honored to see NECSI's work highlighted in the new edition of Chaos," said Dr. Bar-Yam. "More than any other work I know, this book captures the true excitement of scientific discovery."