In Memoriam

Michel Baranger was Professor of Physics, Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Prof. Baranger's interests included:

  • Non-Linear Dynamics: Classical Non-Integrable Hamiltonian Systems; The Connection Between Classical and Quantal Behaviors of Non-Integrable Hamiltonian Systems at Low Energies; Periodic Trajectories as a tool for understanding Chaos; The Quantization of Non-Linear Systems with Many Degrees of Freedom (Many-Body or Field Systems), with Special Emphasis on the Low-Lying Excitations.

  • Complex Systems: Chaos and Thermodynamics; Thermodynamics at the Edge of Chaos; Bifurcations, Symmetry, and Entropy.

  • Nuclear Theory: All aspects, but especially Nuclear Collective Motion and Microscopic Theory of Nuclear Structure.

  • Many-Body Theory: Especially Diagrammatic Approaches and Mean Field Theories.