Jeffrey (Jeff) Fuhrer, PhD Harvard University, is Executive Vice President and Senior Policy Advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, and is responsible for the Bank’s regional and community outreach functions. He is an associate economist of the Federal Open Market Committee, and regularly attends this key U.S. policymaking meeting with the Bank’s president.

In June 1992 he joined the Bank’s research department as an assistant vice president and economist, and from 1995–2001 headed its Open Economy Macro/International section. In 2000 Fuhrer was named senior vice president and monetary policy advisor, in 2001 he became director of research, and in 2006 he was named executive vice president.

Fuhrer began his career at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, first as a research assistant, and then in 1985 returned as a senior economist after earning his doctorate. He has been active in economic research for more than two decades, and has served as an associate editor for the American Economic Review. Fuhrer has published numerous scholarly papers on the interactions among monetary policy, inflation, consumer spending, and asset prices.

He has been married for 30 years and has three grown children. Fuhrer earned an A.B. in economics with highest honors from Princeton University, and received his M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University.

Recent Refereed Journal Articles

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Working Papers

"The Role of Expectations in U.S. Inflation Dynamics." FRB Boston Working Papes Series, paper no. 11-11 (2011).

"Inflation Expectations and the Evolution of U.S. Inflation." FRB Boston Public Policy Brief Series, no. 11-4, (2011).

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"Inflation Persistence." FRB Boston Working Papers Series, paper no. 09-14 (2009).

"A Proposal to Help Distressed Homeowners: A Government Payment-Sharing Plan," with Chris Foote, Eileen Mauskopf and Paul Willen. FRB Boston Public Policy Brief Series, no. 09-1 (2009).

"Empirical Estimates of Changing Inflation Dynamics," with Giovanni Olivei and Geoffrey M. B. Tootell. FRB Boston Working Paper Series, paper no. 09-4 (2009).

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