Dr. Frannie Léautier was until recently Vice President of the World Bank and Head of the World Bank Institute (2001 - 2007). She is currently on leave, working on security issues around the world.

Dr. Léautier, a leading expert in infrastructure for developing countries, joined the World Bank Group in 1992. Previous to her position as Vice President, Dr. Léautier served as the Chief of Staff for the President of the World Bank Group where she was responsible for providing oversight and guidance to the staff of the President's office in all aspects of their work as well as helping to enhance coordination of the President's Office with other units throughout the Bank. She also held several positions in the World Bank Group, including as a transport economist in the Latin America & Caribbean and South Asia Regions, and as a research economist in the Development Economics Department of the World Bank Group. She served as Sector Director for Infrastructure in South Asia from 1997-2000 and held the position of Director for the Infrastructure Group, which is comprised of the merged practices of Transport; Water and Sanitation; Urban Development; and Energy.

Dr. Léautier received her Master of Science in Transportation, and her Ph.D. in Infrastructure Systems, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She is currently a Managing Partner of The Fezembat Group.