Papers    (abstracts)

Biodiversity modelling

Erik M. Rauch and Yaneer Bar-Yam. Theory predicts the uneven distribution of genetic diversity within speciesNature 431, 449-452 (2004). [pdf]

An informal exposition of this work is also available.

Spatial evolution, host-pathogen evolution

Erik M. Rauch, Hiroki Sayama and Yaneer Bar-Yam. The relationship between measures of fitness and time scale in evolutionPhysical Review Letters 88: 228101 (2002). [pdf]

Erik M. Rauch, Hiroki Sayama and Yaneer Bar-Yam. Dynamics and genealogy of strains in spatially extended host-pathogen modelsJournal of Theoretical Biology 221: 655-664 (2003). [pdf]

M.A.M. de Aguiar, E. M. Rauch, and Y. Bar-Yam. Mean-field approximation to a spatial host-pathogen model. Physical Review E 67: 047102 (2003). [pdf]

M.A.M. de Aguiar, E. M. Rauch, and Y. Bar-Yam. Invasion and Extinction in the Mean Field Approximation for a Spatial Host-Pathogen Model. Journal of Statistical Physics 114: 1417-1451 (2004). [pdf]

M. A.M. de Aguiar, H. Sayama, E. M. Rauch, Y. Bar-Yam, and M. Baranger. Stability and Instability of Polymorphic Populations and the Role of Multiple Breeding Seasons in Phase III of Wright's Shifting Balance Theory. Physical Review E 65: 031909 (2002). [pdf]

Pattern formation

Erik M. Rauch and Mark M. Millonas. The Role of Trans-membrane Signal Transduction in Turing-type Cellular Pattern FormationJournal of Theoretical Biology 226: 401-407 (2004). [pdf]

Erik M. Rauch, Mark M. Millonas and Dante R. Chialvo. Pattern Formation and Functionality in Swarm ModelsPhysics Letters A 207 185-193 (1995). [html] [postscript] [pdf]

Fractal geometry

J. Asikainen, A. Aharony, B.B. Mandelbrot, E.M. Rauch, and J.-P. Hovi. Fractal geometry of critical Potts clustersEuropean Physical Journal B 34: 479 (2003). [pdf]

Digital physics

Erik M. Rauch. Discrete, Amorphous Physical ModelsInternational Journal of Theoretical Physics 42: 329-348 (2003).

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