Eric Klopfer is the Scheller Career Development Professor of Science Education and Educational Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Director of the MIT Teacher Education Program.

Professor Klopfer's interests include:

  • K-12 educational technology—computer simulation research and development, handheld computers in the classroom.

  • Complex systems in K-12 education—simplifying science through computer simulations.

  • The Education Arcade—computer games in the classroom.

  • Teacher preparation—alternative pathways to teacher preparation.

Professor Klopfer develops computer games and simulations to enhance learning of science and complex systems. His work combines the development of new software tools with pedagogic support for these tools for use in the classroom. One of his projects, StarLogo, is a desktop platform that enables teachers and students to create their own computer simulations of complex systems. Klopfer has also conducted research on location-aware and interactive simulations that run on handheld (Palm and Pocket PC) and wearable computers.



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Recent Publications

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