Dean LeBaron, founder of Batterymarch Financial Management in 1969, directed the firm's pioneering advances in the mid-1970s in the application of computer technology and modeling techniques, first in the US market and then in international and emerging markets. Dean is recognized as one of the first foreign entrants in the nascent securities markets of Brazil, India, Russia and China. Today, Batterymarch is one of the investment management subsidiaries of Legg, Mason which manages $70 billion through several independently operating firms.

Prior to Batterymarch, Dean was director of research at Keystone, where he managed the Keystone Custodian Growth Fund. He was also director of research at F.S. Moseley & Company. Dean holds a BA and MBA from Harvard University and was a Baker Scholar at Harvard Business School. Today he is Chairman of Wordworks Inc. and Virtualquest Company.

Identified as one of the investment futurists, Dean's most recent investigations consider the development of new management styles using the internet . . . Virtual Investment Management. Sparked fifteen years ago by his study of the application of physical science principles (such as quantum physics) to investment strategy, Dean pursues his interest complexity through association with Santa Fe Institute and New England Complex Systems Institute and their linking of complex adaptive systems to dynamic social systems, including investments. Together with a selection of other articles, his latest book, Climbing Falling Walls, is available in its entirety at his web site