Utilizing our expertise in complex systems science, we deliver custom services engagements for strategic initiatives. The results of our analytics solutions dramatically improve predictive modeling, allowing our clients to make strategic decisions to transform operations.


Data Scoping

Big data is a powerful resource, but on its own it provides little guidance or strategic insight. Whether you’ve already made a substantial investment or have just begun collecting customer and business data, we’ll explore, clean and process your data. This step is what sets complex systems analytics apart: We don’t have a preset solution to sell you, because we first need to look at your data and gain a true understanding of your organization, unclouded by pre-existing assumptions.


Complex Systems Analysis

Once your data has been catalogued and organized, we can begin our complex systems analysis to find the true patterns in all of the noise. Our analysis will identify the most powerful levers for change, those place in your company where potential interventions can produce the best results with minimal costs. Once we can understand and characterize dependencies between variables in your system, we will better be able to predict future outcomes.


Complex Systems Modeling

Our decades of experience doing complex systems research give us several potential models to apply and refine, until we find the one that best explains the dynamics of your organization. Our hypothesis-free predictive modeling provides an unparalleled level of accuracy. You will be able to understand the existing dynamics of your organization and better predict future results.


Transformational Insights

Organizations have complex dependencies across multiple levels of scale. This can make it difficult to conceptualize all the moving pieces of the system as a whole. Our custom visualization platforms will present your data in new ways, allowing you to glean strategic insights and new perspectives. You might find that an existing strategy is not working for you, or be inspired to explore a totally new approach. These insights can often be unintuitive or surprising, because they arise from an emergent process.


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