The New England Complex Systems Institute invites and welcomes corporate participation and involvement in the study of complex systems. Membership fees are used to support the ongoing research and education programs, including discussion forums, conferences, research and publications, and practical applications. Corporate members provide a vital support system to advances of complex systems science dissemination of the findings and their implementation. Contributions will enable the Institute to expand NECSI’s courses and training programs; enhance services available to the members; develop research programs and increase publications and their scope.

List of NECSI Sponsors

How You Can Benefit from Corporate Membership

$10,000 “Friend” Level

  • Regular notification of programs

  • Introductory complex systems oriented phone consultation

  • Two free registrations to either the One Week Intensive Course or the Executive Education Course

  • Discount on any additional registrants for either course

  • Access to complex systems online listserv discussion

  • Discounted subscription to Advances in Complex Systems

  • Access to all NECSI publications

  • Networking opportunities with other interested corporate members

  • Recognition of support in NECSI promotional literature, including newsletter and website

  • Subscription to NECSI’s bi-annual newsletter

$25,000 “Member” Level

Everything included in Friend Level, plus:

  • Two free registrations to the International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS) including registrations to the ICCS Banquet

  • One hard copy of all NECSI working papers and periodical publications as soon as they are published

  • Opportunity to publish a corporate profile on NECSI website with logo link

  • Opportunity to have logo placed on NECSI website with link to corporate profile

$35,000 “Sponsor” Level

Everything included in Member level, plus:

  • Two copies of each book from the NECSI Knowledge Press

  • Discount on one in-house corporate workshop or seminar (one-day to one-week program)

  • Opportunity to participate in periodic scheduled discussion with NECSI faculty and postdocs of complex systems concepts and applications of relevance to the sponsor.

$60,000 “Mentor” Level

Everything included in Sponsor level, plus:

  • Sponsorship of a part-time post-doctoral research fellowship. This is an opportunity to engage with a specific research program and benefit directly from the results.

$150,000 “Benefactor/Project Sponsor” Level

(may be added to other sponsorship levels)

Opportunity to engage in NECSI research programs, including:

  • Sponsorship of a post-doctoral research fellowship. The postdoctoral position will carry the name of the sponsoring organization. This is an opportunity to fully sponsor a specific research program and benefit directly from the results. (can be added to other sponsorship levels).

Corporate Membership
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Payment by Check

Please make your check payable to the New England Complex Systems Institute, indicate the following information:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone

  • Email address

  • Affiliation

  • Status (i.e., Corporate Membership - Friend, Member, Sponsor, Mentor, or Benefactor/Project Sponsor)

and mail to:

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