Organizations are incredibly complex systems. Attempting to coordinate the actions of a diverse collection of individuals working on disparate tasks, while trying to navigate the global economic context, is a demanding challenge beyond the limits of any one leader to fully control. Big data can offer guidance, but without the right framework, it is merely an expensive source of too much noise. A new kind of analytics is needed.

The New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI) is a pioneer of complex systems science. The tools and mathematics we’ve developed for understanding societal challenges like epidemics, economic crashes, and ethnic violence can be applied to the challenges faced by your business or organization.

The strength of complexity science is its universality. Seemingly disparate systems can be explained by the same mathematical formulas. This allows us to approach the intricacies of any industry, from supply chains to social networks. Still, every organization is unique, which is why we provide totally custom analytics to all of our clients.


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