Below are some examples that offer a glimpse into our capabilities and the wide range of problems that we can offer solutions for:


Machine Learning

The explosion of available social media data allows for a more time-sensitive and geographically specific analysis than ever before. Machine learning algorithms can process these large bodies of data to gain insight into user behavior.

Our work on analyzing social media includes quantifying public sentiment, a key task for researchers and decision-makers alike. The methods we have developed can also be applied to identifying target markets and understanding consumer behaviors and customer buy factors.

Economic Forecasting

NECSI analysis reveals that it is the internal structure of the market, not external news, which can cause a market to crash. Our model describing panic in the market successfully predicted observed market crashes.

The methods we used to study financial markets can also help predict high impact events within a company's financial and operational systems, enabling them to get ahead of problems before they arise.

Market Analysis

Increases in food prices have driven vulnerable populations to desperation. NECSI analysis reveals two main forces driving the global food price upward: ethanol conversion and speculation.

This work demonstrate the complex chain of events connecting market policies in the US to global food riots. Internal and external forces may be causing similarly surprising ripples with your organization.

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