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The Future of Analytics and AI

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NECSI merges Next Gen Science with state of the art AI for a powerful 1-2 punch that goes far beyond making data available, to making data meaningful.

From fraud detection to strategic insight, we harness the power of analytics to identify what is important for you to know.


Complexity Profile


The complexity profile is one of NECSI’s most powerful analytical tools. It describes the amount of information that is required to describe a system as a function of the scale of description. Typically, larger scales require fewer details and therefore smaller amounts of information. The most important information about a system for informing action on that system is the behavior at the largest scale.


Sentiment Analysis

Measuring public sentiment is a key task for researchers and policymakers alike. The explosion of available social media data allows for a more time-sensitive and geographically specific analysis than ever before.



Researchers at NECSI examine the dynamics of team building, as well as the science of winning soccer.


Social Media Analysis


Social media are transforming global communication and coordination and provide unprecedented opportunities for studying socio-technical domains. Here we study global dynamical patterns of communication on Twitter across many scales. 



Researchers at NECSI use computers to simulate crowds. qw had an opportunity to see the real thing in action during the 2004 Red Sox parade.


Financial Flows


When will the next recession occur? Why isn’t the economy growing as fast as it was in the 1950s? NECSI has analyzed the dynamic flow of money in financial systems to answer these and other important questions about economic growth.


Food & Commodity Markets


Increases in food prices have driven vulnerable populations to desperation. NECSI analysis reveals two main forces driving the global food price upward: ethanol conversion and speculation. This work has direct and immediate policy implications.


Predicting Economic Crashes


NECSI analysis reveals that it is the internal structure of the market, not external news, which can cause a market to crash. Our model which describes panic in the market successfully predicted observed market crashes.


Systemic Risk


As various formerly disparate sectors of the economy become interlinked, instead of absorbing shocks, the system begins to propagate them, creating systemic risk. 


Complexity Rising


Since time immemorial humans have complained that life is becoming more complex, but it is only now that we have a hope to analyze formally and verify this lament.


Social Networks


NECSI has its finger on the pulse of social networks,tracking sentiment in real time and mapping news-sharing.


Ethnic Violence


NECSI research into the causes of ethnic violence have identified one factor that strongly predicts sectarian strife: the spatial geography of different cultural, religious and ethnic groups.


Urban Food


In the urban environment, geography can limit access to nutritious food, and how we can design policies to overcome these limitations. NECSI analysis shows the implications for public health.


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