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While medical knowledge continues to advance and individual patient-physician relationships are effective, the healthcare system itself is in need of attention. Rising costs, medical errors, and low quality of care reflect problems with system organization. Using complex systems science NECSI's research focuses on improving the structure of heath care organizations: how to lower costs, improve preventative medicine, and enhance patient care --- including dramatic reductions in medical errors.

It may seem that each medical error is a unique and special circumstance. But just like symptoms of a disease, medical errors are symptoms of organizational problems of the healthcare system. Addressing these problems can have direct impact on medical errors.

NECSI research on healthcare improvement is a major component of NECSI activities. Key projects are in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Our educational programs on policy and practice have affected many healthcare organizations. To learn more about the insights of our research, to participate in our research or educational programs or to provide support for these important activities, please contact

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NECSI prescription form to help prevent medical errors and improve communication within the healthcare system. Click here to see the form.

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