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by Shlomiya Bar-Yam and Yaneer Bar-Yam
Stopping the Market Crash


  1. NECSI’s call for the uptick rule to be reinstated in the Wall Street Journal.
    R. C. Pozen and Y. Bar-Yam, "There's a Better Way to Prevent 'Bear Raids,'" The Wall Street Journal, November 18, 2008.
  2. Congressman Frank’s meeting with SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro:
  3. Market rise on March 10, 2009 due to short sellers departing the market (covering their positions):
  4. NECSI’s reports analyzing the uptick rule.
  5. More information

Cite as: S. Bar-Yam, Y. Bar-Yam, Stopping the Market Crash (January 31, 2010).

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