NECSI President Yaneer Bar-Yam Interviewed on Networks of Corporate Ownership

A recent paper on the network of corporate ownership has been described in the press and commented on by Prof. Yaneer Bar-Yam, President of the New England Complex Systems Institute. In the New Scientist article:

"Yaneer Bar-Yam, head of the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI), warns that the analysis assumes ownership equates to control, which is not always true. Most company shares are held by fund managers who may or may not control what the companies they part-own actually do. The impact of this on the system's behaviour, he says, requires more analysis."

Due to an editorial slip, a second quotation was initially credited to Prof. Bar-Yam, and should be credited to Prof. George Sugihara, as follows:

"Sugihara says the analysis suggests one possible solution: firms should be taxed for excess interconnectivity to discourage this risk."

This has been corrected in the New Scientist version.

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