Research at the New England Complex Systems Institute

By weaving together the New England academic community, NECSI aims to guide the process of inquiry into unsolved problems, promoting the discourse on the study of specific systems to gain insight into the properties of all complex systems, and on the application of general properties to specific systems.

Working groups -- Coordination and communication of reserach centers on regularly meeting working groups focusing on: information mechanics; time series analysis and prediction; molecular self-organization; mind, brain and behavior; informatics; evolution; the structure of human organizations; and biomedical complexity.

Annual conferences -- Anual conferences on complex systems

Visitors program -- Visiting scientists participate in working groups and in educational programs.

Post Doctoral fellows and Graduate students -- Those interested in pursuing research in the context of the working groups should contact

Courses -- Academic courses to advance the educational foundation of the study of complex systems will be offered in conjunction with area academic instutions.

InterJournal -- The NECSI Internet-based InterJournal is a self-organizing peer-reviewed journal for rapid dissemination of research of quantitive research in the behavior of complex systems.