NECSI working groups: 

Each working group will be meeting approximately bimonthly. The size of meetings will be limited to about 20-30 and attendance is by application to the organizers of the working group. 

Contacts are given below.

The following meetings are currently scheduled:

Human Organizations: January 16
topic: Is loop 1 learning useful in rapidly changing environments?

Information Mechanics: January 30
topic: Physical limits to computation 
contact: Richard Bagley,

Time Series Analysis and Prediction: February 6
topic: Nonlinear models for time series analysis
contact: Alok Kumar,

Evolution: February 20
topic: Complex adaptations 
contact: Gunter Wagner,

Human Organizations: February 27
topic: Communication of complex systems concepts in a corporate setting

Molecular Self-Organization: March 6
 topic : Self-assembly in materials science
 contact: Shuguang Zhang,

Information Mechanics: March 27
 topic: Information flow in nonequilibrium systems
 contact: Richard Bagley,

Evolution: April 24
topic: Epistasis (gene interactions)
contact: Gunter Wagner,

Molecular Self-Organization: May 8
 topic: Micelles and membrane formation
 contact: Shuguang Zhang,

Additional working groups are being organized. If you  would like to participate in organization please contact
Yaneer Bar-Yam, President (