New England Complex Systems Institute

The Seattle Complexity Meeting

Working With Complex Systems in the Real and Not Yet Real Worlds

Presented by the New England Complex Systems Institute

Corporate Sponsors: The Boeing Company, Microsoft Research and Group Health Cooperative

March 17, 2000
Bell Harbor International Conference Center
Seattle, WA.

Leroy Hood, MD, PhD, Institute for Systems Biology
Tom Petzinger, Jr., Wall Street Journal
Terry Deacon, PhD, Boston University
Seth Lloyd, PhD, MIT
Yaneer Bar-Yam, PhD, NECSI
Stephen Small, MD, University of Chicago

Managing business
Global and local markets
Quantum computing
Genetic research
Medical errors
Evolution of the mind

Attendees are invited to listen, to ask questions, to give opinions, and to meet each other and the speakers in the interests of learning what the view of complex systems means in: