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 International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2007)

Intentions and systems intelligence: prospects for complexity research

Ilkka Leppänen
Systems Analysis Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technolo

Raimo P. Hämäläinen
Systems Analysis Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology

Esa Saarinen
Systems Analysis Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology

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     Last modified: September 28, 2007

We study the role of intention-reading in the systems intelligent capabilities of humans. Systems intelligence hypothesizes that human agents possess an innate ability to experience themselves as part of complex wholes and act intelligently from therein. The perspective is both interventionistic and sensitive as it calls stronger attention to micro-level interactions as the fundamental arena of human intelligence. This sensitivity, we argue, arises out of a human in-between, intersubjectivity which is largely nonverbal, and arises out of epistemically implicit intention reading and signalling capabilities. Intention reading and signalling capabilities are key characteristics of systems intelligence. With this perspective we contribute to the theory of human action where it is often argued that complexity hinders decision making, and that taking actions without knowing what unfolds is to be avoided. Contrary to this view, our systems intelligent perspective takes complexity, epistemic non-omniscience and systemicity as given properties of the environment, and as features not to be abstracted away. We conclude that there is need to study human moment-to-moment relational capabilities that are based on implicit knowing and on sensibilities rather than objective or verbalized knowledge. In particular, the study of the way humans are sensitive to the intentions of other agents, in complex settings is a field of study that is highlighted in the light of the findings of this paper.

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