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 International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2007)

Complex-System Engineering

Michael Kuras

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     Last modified: October 30, 2007

This paper is a condensed summary of the main ideas in complex-system engineering (cSE). Reductionism isn’t enough as a foundation for system engineering. cSE adds multi scale analysis(MSA), evolution, and the Regimen to the repertoire of the system engineer. Multi scale analysis includes and augments familiar reductionist techniques by more fully accounting for the way the human brain works. Statistical analysis is central in MSA, but it can be augmented using regime analysis, Reed networks, and Radial Category theory. Central to cSE is the treatment of multi scale systems as evolving populations – and not just as arrangements of parts. Price’s Equation and context sensitive expressions of the predicates of evolution are key in characterizing such populations. The Regimen is used to influence the evolution of populations with identifiable autonomous agents. A measurable way to distinguish cSE from the way that system engineering is traditionally practiced is identified.

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