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 International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2007)

Strategy and the Complex Dynamics of Information

Nicholas Nugent
Southern New Hampshire University

Sharon Mertz
Southern New Hampshire University

Phil Fellman
Southern New Hampshire University

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     Last modified: November 23, 2007

In 1997 Philip Evans and Thomas Wurster of the Boston Consulting Group wrote a groundbreaking article for the Harvard Business Review, entitled “Strategy and the New Economics of Information” explaining how universal connectivity and the internet had changed business theory and practice forever. Exciting as this article and their subsequent book, “Blown to Bits” were, the conceptual foundations of this work are now a decade old. While many of their original observations remain accurate, over the past ten years, a plethora of developments in the evolution of computing and the emergence of a paradigmatic shift in electronic commerce have changed the competitive information landscape forever.

In this paper we update Evans’ and Wurster’s original analyses as well as recast and more accurately define the market conditions of electronic commerce. In particular, we describe the booming, emergent C to C “electronic bazaar”, exemplified by eBay and Craig’s list among others. We also describe selected dynamics of universal connectivity, and then analyze selected emergent properties of the internet. Finally, we include a brief analysis of the increasing demand for open source based applications, the growth of software as a service (replacing traditional software applications), and the growth of outsourcing and other negative externalities of universal connectivity

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