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 International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2007)

The movie of emotions: A novelís experimental modular structure that conveys scientific theories and research findings

Raffaele Calabretta
Italian National Research Council,

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We present the experimental structure of the book Il film delle emozioni (ĎThe movie of emotionsí, 2007), which makes an attempt at using a narrative structure for communicating the most recent scientific knowledge relative to the functioning of the brain (the amygdala) and, particularly, to emotion management. This book can be defined as an essay on emotions in the form of a novel. The book is borderline literature that mixes registers and genres: the novel, an autobiography, a scientific paper about emotions, a diary, an emotional trainer, rich of link and bibliographic references, but also a manual on how to live. The book structure is composite: is not divided in chapters, but is a digital miscellany, made up of a variety of materials (i.e., computer files). A feature of the novel is that its structure is not causal, instead it is conceived and realized to convey the novelís themes and some scientific findings and theories, whose some examples will be given.

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