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 International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2007)

Technology Adoption in Complex Social Networks

Petr Svarc
Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague

Natalie Svarcova
Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague

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     Last modified: October 2, 2007

Using simple computational model we study technology adoption in the population of agents connected through networks with different topologies: random network, small-world network and scale-free network. Agents sequentially choose between two technologies using very simple rule based on the previous choice of their immediate neighbors (herding behavior). We show that if the firm is able to convince a few highly connected agents (hubs) to choose her strategy at the beginning of the adoption process the share of agents adopting its technology could be significantly higher. The explanation is that targeting hubs 1) enhance the spread of the firmís own technology and 2) halt or slow-down the adoption of the concurrent one. The overall result is also affected by the distribution of number of connections (degree) of individual agents, mainly by its variance.

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