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 International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2007)

Complex Dynamical Systems Evaluation in a Manufacturing Environment:A Case Study on Valeo Company

Huseyin Ciloglu
Industrial Engineering,Eastern Mediterranean University

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Complex Dynamical Systems Evaluation in a Manufacturing Environment: A Case Study on Valeo Company

Increasing need of agility and necessity of rapid response to highly changing market demand,manufacturing companies must be quick to give sophisticated responses in a sense of changing customer satisfaction levels.In order to do this,companies must cope with chaotic situations which arise during the production process and need agile response of management decisions in all levels.

Complexity in a broad sense and chaos theory can help manufacturers in order to achieve their targets such as producing quality products,achieving short lead time etc.

In this paper we will consider applications of some important agile manufacturing techniques(such as Fractal Company and Holonic Manufacturing) and investigate the real world application of chaos theory in the sense of self-similarity,self optimization and self-adaptation techniques by appying these distributed manufacturing paradigms.

Keywords:Autonomous Production Unit,Autonomous Production Entity ,Complexity,Complex Adaptive Systems,Chaos,Socio-Technical System,Self-similarity.

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