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 International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2007)

Perception Based Synthetic Vision System

Jore Park
President, IndaSea Inc

Wylci Fables
CEO, IndaSea Inc

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     Last modified: May 22, 2007

IndaSea Inc built the Cultural Simulation Modeler (CSM) software system to interact with complex social systems from multiple Points of View (POV). Using global news feeds and other data sources, the CSM system processes words, phrases, and behaviors expressed as text, gestures, sounds and images into a perception based data structure in order to see culturally specific shapes. Rather than looking for an absolute truth, the CSM endeavors to look for a perceptual truth for each POV.

The CSM uses an innovative programming method based on autonomous data handlers. The method bundles a set of scaled, interwoven processing chains to manage complexity. A robust, sophisticated approach is needed in order be inclusive in modeling culture, where contradictory or ambiguous POV are incorporated into the model.

The CSM currently integrates a wide variety of data visualization tools but has identified a need for a new visualization method with a degree of subtlety able to quickly reveal meaningful observations on an unfolding situation in the real world. Often this must occur without detailed prior modeling of the situation. Such tools will enable real time observational functionality with cinema type resolutions, revealing experience-oriented themes thru time. Jore Park and Wylci Fables present here the first showing of a POV based, synthetic vision system wired into the Cultural Construct of the CSM.

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