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 International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2007)

A Conceptual Model for Human Decision Making Within Agent Based Models

David Miron

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     Last modified: September 27, 2007

Agent based models of human systems, such as those found in behavioural economics, implement their agents intelligence through the use of simple rules. These models have proved to be worthwhile research tools. However, to improve the outputs of these models will require a greater emphasis on the development of intelligence within the model agents. To achieve a deeper understanding of the cognitive process of human decision making is needed. In this talk a conceptual model of the cognitive process of human decision making is put forward. This conceptual model is developed around the work of Lonergan and Polanyi. Further, the conceptual model utilises the fuzzy logic of Zadeh for its implementation. The resulting conceptual model can be embedded within agent's that model human systems.

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