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 International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2007)

Complexity approach to conflict analyzing & conflict resolution

Shay Ben yosef
Bar ilan university, Sociology department

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Complexity approach to conflict analyzing & conflict resolution

There are four main approaches for conflict analyzing:
1. Power - the conflict is about limited resources and gaining control.
2. Rights - The stick holders are fighting for there rights.
3. Interest - the conflict as results from different interest of the involvers.
4. Relational approach - the conflict is about identity and relationship.

At the conference I will present structural approach, based on complexity theory. According to the Structural approach, conflict is the outcome of social structure.

Understanding the Different levels of complexity, different Attractors, the patterns of social networks is a useful tool for conflict analyzing.
The structural approach enables practitioners to use new tools for conflict resolution.
The principals of those methods are:
- Setting a common Attractor.
- Facilitating new Self organized structure.
- Letting new solutions to emerge.
- Sustaining new structure.

These principles are applying with large groups, by methods as:
Open Space Technology. Appreciative inquiry, world café… and at small group by the concept of ‘Besod Siach’ for dialog between conflict groups in Israel.
The presentation will include case studies from the field.

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