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 International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2007)

Stochastic Phase Decoupling in Random Graphical Dynamical Systems

William Sulis
McMaster University

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     Last modified: June 30, 2007

Stochastic phases of stochastic dynamical systems are defined by distribution functions determined through the variation of some control parameter. An example is the distribution of sizes of connected clusters in a random graph. As the control parameter, the probability of forming an edge, is varied, this distribution varies from a bias towards small clusters towards a bias in favor of large clusters. Here an example is given of a random graphical dynamical system with a dynamic driven by two weakly coupled parameters- sociability and compatibility. It is shown that the stochastic phases associated with these parameters are decoupled. External coupling to these decoupled phases suggests a possible mechanism for divergent evolution in horizontally emergent systems

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