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 International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2007)

Towards a Diagnostic Framework for Understanding Complex Situations

Jose Padilla
Old Dominion University

Andres Sousa-Poza
Old Dominion University

Arturo Tejada
Old Dominion University

Samuel Kovacic
Old Dominion University

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     Last modified: December 19, 2007

This paper presents a theoretical framework for the concept of understanding and how it can be used for assessing complex situations. Understanding is presented as a cognitive process on how an individual perceives and represents a complex domain based on his/her own predispositions, and how he/she selects knowledge or what may not be knowledge based on the same predispositions towards finding a set of solutions for the situation. Predispositions, in this case, are assessed based on his/her epistemological, ontological and teleological biases while the domain is represented by irreducible and transient conditions. The final outcome is the match or mismatch of the profile of the individual and the profile of the domain establishing an understanding profile. Understanding as a construct is based not only on the concept of knowledge as a combination of explicit and tacit, but also with the support and the necessary conditions for the selection of knowledge and what may not be knowledge

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