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 International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2007)

Towards System Configuration Design

Mark Sh. Levin
Inst. for Information Transmission Problems, Russian Academy

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     Last modified: December 15, 2007

The significance of systems configurations has been increased in many applied domains (e.g., software, hardware, manufacturing systems, supply chain systems, solving strategies). In the paper several system configuration problems are investigated: (i) searching for (selection of) a set (structure) of system components, (ii) searching for a set of compatible system components, (iii) reconfiguration of a system as redesign of the system structure, (iv) multi-stage design and redesign of system configuration, and (v) design or redesign of the system configuration for multi-product systems. Several combinatorial models (including multicriteria statements) are under examination: problem of representatives, multiple choice problem, morphological clique problem (with compatibility of system components), and their modifications. Applied examples and solving approaches are described.

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