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 International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2007)

Synthesizing Information for Interagency Decision Makers using Simulation

Corey Lofdahl
BAE Systems

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     Last modified: October 11, 2007

Modern computer systems have made ever-increasing amounts of processing power available to senior-level decision makers, but such systems have also overwhelmed them with hard-to-interpret data. Modeling and simulation addresses data overload by “boiling down” the data and synthesizing information at the macro-level that is required by senior decision makers generally and interagency decision makers specifically. This capability is demonstrated through an example simulation that integrates interagency-level elements of national power and provides the following benefits:

1) Integrates the contributions of multiple subject matter experts,
2) Allows for low-cost learning about a complex policy context,
3) Identifies key missing data resulting in true requirements based collection, and
4) Evaluates the complex consequences of proposed policies through scenario analysis.

These capabilities are presented using a failed-state/nation-building example that combines both economic and military policies within the same analysis

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