The New England Complex Systems Institute The Seventh International Conference on Complex Systems

Online Proceedings of the
Seventh International Conference on
Complex Systems

October 28 – November 2, 2007 in Boston, MA     Editors Ali Minai, Dan Braha, Yaneer Bar-Yam





Pedagogical Session I
   Chairs: Eric Klopfer

Musical Complexity
  Diana Dabby      Abstract 

Discrete Universe
  Ed Fredkin      Abstract 

Human Migration
  Gyan Bhanot      Abstract 

Non-linear Computers
  Liz Bradley      Abstract 

Pedagogical Session II
   Chairs: Hiroki Sayama

C-SAFE - Complexity, Uncertainty and Counter-Intuitive Results in Multiscale Engineering Simulations of Fires and Explosions
  Martin Berzins      Abstract 

Evolving Function, Purpose, and Agency
  Evelyn Fox Keller      Abstract 

The Challenge of Sustainable Development: How can complex system reasoning help?
  Frannie Leautier      Abstract 

Multiscale visualization
  Blaise Aguera y Arcas      Abstract 

   Chairs: Yaneer Bar-Yam

Advances in Science and their Communication
  Barbara Jasny      Abstract 


   Chairs: Al Hubler

Human Behavior, Good and Bad
  Phillip Zimbardo      Abstract 

Ecological and Socioeconomic Systems as Complex Systems
  Simon Levin      Abstract 

Understanding Global Warming
  John Sterman      Abstract 

Plausibility of Life
  Marc Kirshner      Abstract 

   Chairs: Robert Savit

Universal Laws of Biology
  Geoffrey West      Abstract 

Uncomputable Numbers: Turing's 1936 Paper Revisited
  Gregory Chaitin      Abstract 

Spatial patterns with global implications
  Irving Epstein      Abstract 

Concepts, Methods & Tools
   Chairs: William Sulis

An Alternative Model for the Theory of Games
  Joseph E Johnson      Abstract 

A CAS for Finding the Best Strategy for Prisoner’s Dilema
  Mirsad Hadzikadic, Min Sun      Abstract    Paper #126

Coping with complexity: Systems thinking, complex responsive processes, and systems intelligence
  Jukka Luoma, Raimo P. Hämäläinen, Esa Saarinen      Abstract 

Going from closed to open: how may we help to make it bearable?
  Lorraine Dodd, Gwyn Prins, Gillian Stamp      Abstract 

Time, Change and Self Organization
  Thomas Ray      Abstract    Paper #191

Riemann’s zeta function and the prime series display a biotic pattern of diversification, novelty, and complexity
  Louis Kauffman, Hector Sabelli      Abstract    Paper #136

The Biotic Pattern of Prime Numbers Supports the Bios Theory of Creative Evolution from Radiation to Complexity
  Hector Sabelli      Abstract    Paper #142

Primes Numbers are the Holes Behind Complex Composite Patterns
  Jeffrey Ventrella      Abstract 

Molecule/idea code expression in layered networks
  Phil Fraundorf      Abstract    Paper #37

Non-Linear Dynamics & Pattern Formation
   Chairs: Gottfried Mayer-Kress

Classification of Instabilities and Pattern Formation in Fractional Reaction-Diffusion Systems
  Vasyl Gafiychuk, Bohdan Datsko      Abstract 

Phase separation and dynamic pattern formation in heterogeneous self-propelled particle systems
  Hiroki Sayama      Abstract 

Information Transfer -- A Rigorous Formalism
  X. San Liang      Abstract 

Information Flows in Causal Networks
  Daniel Polani, Nihat Ay      Abstract 

Spatial Network Structure of Wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region
  Chris Wright      Abstract 

Automata of Box-Ball Systems and their Filtrons
  Pawel Siwak      Abstract 

Evolution & Ecology
   Chairs: Jeff Schank

Characterizing the complexity of ecological systems
  Lael Parrott      Abstract 

Critical slowing down as a leading indicator of regime shift in the paradox of enrichment
  Ryan Chisholm, Elise Filotas      Abstract 

Agent-Based Modelling of Whale-Watching Cruise Operators’ Behaviour
  Clément Chion, Samuel Turgeon, Jacques-André Landry, Lael Parrott, Danielle Marceau, Robert Michaud, Guy Cantin, Suzan Dionne      Abstract 

The influence of CBNRM on natural ecosystems: management of anthropogenic disturbance
  Phosiso Sola, Gareth Edward Jones      Abstract 

Effect of space on the coevolutionary dynamics of an individual-based multi-species community
  Elise Filotas, Lael Parrott, Martin Grant, Per Arne Rikvold      Abstract 

Inferring Diversity: Life After Shannon
  Adom Giffin      Abstract    Paper #201

Seasonal Emergence Behavior of Brazilian Free-tailed Bats at Carlsbad Caverns
  Thomas Kunz, Nickolay Hristov, Margrit Betke      Abstract 

Bats and Angel Rings: Quantifying Flight Behavior and Colony Dynamics using NEXRAD Doppler Radar Data
  Jason W. Horn, Thomas H. Kunz      Abstract 

Stereoscopic Reconstruction and Analysis of Infrared Videos of Bats
  Lisa Premerlani, Margrit Betke, Stan Sclaroff, Thomas Kunz      Abstract 

   Chairs: Fred Discenzo

Perception Based Synthetic Vision System
  Jore Park, Wylci Fables      Abstract 

Wavelike Design of Social Agents Simulated as System of Interacting Net of Neural Networks
  Darius Plikynas      Abstract    Paper #61

Chaotic control of a two-link rigid manipulator with hierarchical structure
  Mahtab Nazari, Amir Homayoon Jafari, Seyyed Mohammad Reza Hashemi Golpayegani      Abstract 

An efficient knowledge-based hybrid methodology for vehicle crash safety design
  Anindya Deb      Abstract 

Cooperative Exploration for Agents with Different Personalities in Unknown Environments
  Sarjoun Doumit, Ali Minai      Abstract    Paper #167

System engineering approach toward the problem of required level of in-orbit autonomous-operation of a LEO microsatellite mission
  Hossein Bonyan Khamseh      Abstract    Paper #222

System engineering approach toward the problem of battery depth-of-discharge of a LEO satellite
  Hossein Bonyan Khamseh      Abstract    Paper #213

Socio-Economic Systems
   Chairs: Czeslaw Mesjasz

Modeling Individuals Building Conceptual Structures: Knowledge Structure, Culture Bags and Creative Interests
  Jonathan Feinstein      Abstract 

Complexity and Complementarity: A Horizonal Economics of Conscience
  Frederic B. Jennings, Jr.      Abstract    Paper #4

Indicators of Increasing Complexity in Canadian Urban Systems, 1871-2001
  Charles Crenna      Abstract 

Informed Decisions and War: How the Institutional Structure of Governments Shapes Their Behavior Regarding Threats and War
  Wayne Thornton      Abstract 

Emergent Properties of Terrorism - The Iraqi Insurgency
  Phil Fellman      Abstract 

Polity by Design ; an engineering approach
  Saurabh Kwatra      Abstract    Paper #276


Biological Systems
   Chairs: Ernest Hartmann

Collective Behavior in Animals
  Iain Couzin      Abstract 

Cell Sensing and Signaling
  Andre Levchenko      Abstract 

Computation and Life
  Hava Seigelman      Abstract 

DNA to development
  Janet Wiles      Abstract 

Aesthetics & Consciousness
   Chairs: Phil Fellman

Aesthetic Form
  Melisa Gerber, Yaneer Bar-Yam      Abstract 

Understanding the Complexity of the Romany Diaspora
  Stanislas Renard, Phil Fellman, Alexandru Manus      Abstract    Paper #115

Towards a Diagnostic Framework for Understanding Complex Situations
  Jose Padilla, Andres Sousa-Poza, Arturo Tejada, Samuel Kovacic      Abstract    Paper #163

Meanings of Natural Bioreception by the Human Being; Implications in the Complexity of Systems, Psychoanalysis, Cognition
  Sorin Baiculescu      Abstract    Paper #231

The movie of emotions: A novel’s experimental modular structure that conveys scientific theories and research findings
  Raffaele Calabretta      Abstract    Paper #287

"Complexity Theory and Theories of Consciousness: the Supervenience Hypothesis"
  Matthew Piper      Abstract 

The Self as a System of Systems Processes
  Lynn Rasmussen      Abstract    Paper #258

   Chairs: Carlos Gershenson

Scale Free Networks; A Literature Review
  Ahmed Tolba      Abstract    Paper #121

Exploring Watts' Cascade Boundary
  Daniel Whitney      Abstract    Paper #8

structure of complex networks
  José Mendes      Abstract 

Social Welfare and Heterogeneity of Degree in Social Networks
  Gregory Jones, Matthew Piper      Abstract 

Collaborations in European research programmes
  Lazaros Gallos, Panos Argyrakis      Abstract 

Structural Analysis of Paper Citation and Co-Authorship Networks using Network Analysis Techniques
  Kouhei Sugiyama, Hiroyuki Ohsaki, Makoto Imase      Abstract    Paper #278

Computational exploration of binary-state GNA dynamics
  Hiroki Sayama      Abstract 

Cracking the complexity code in the global energy industry
  Liqing Wang      Abstract 

Systems Engineering
   Chairs: Daniel Polani

Energy Constrained Information Capture Using Adaptive Self-Powered Sensor Nodes
  Fred Discenzo, Kenneth A. Loparo, Dukki Chung, Farhad Kaffashi      Abstract 

Random Matrix Theory Approach To Traffic Dynamics Of Complex Computer Networks
  Viktoria Rojkova, Mehmed Kantardzic      Abstract 

Virtual Spring-Based 3D Multi-Agent Group Coordination
  Roozbeh Daneshvar, Liwen Shih      Abstract    Paper #85

   Chairs: Janet Wiles

Multi-level behaviours in agent-based simulation: colonic crypt cell populations
  Chih-Chun Chen, Sylvia Nagl, Christopher Clack      Abstract    Paper #22

A Modular Gene Regulatory Network Model of Artificial Ontogenesis
  Amer Ghanem, Ali Minai      Abstract 

Ecosystem Emergence: The Role of Affinity-Bias in Pre-biotic Systems
  Karim Ahmed      Abstract 

Propagating Organization: An Enquiry
  Robert Logan, Stuart Kauffman, Robert Este, Randy Goebel, David Hobill, Ilya Schmulevich      Abstract 

Methods of Motion Path Reconstruction with Uncertain Position Data
  Edward Marcus      Abstract 

Time-Covariance Functions to Structurally Distinguish Gene Regulatory Networks
  Vijayanarasimha Hindupur Pakka, Srinandan Dasmahapatra, Adam Prugel-Bennett      Abstract 

The Self-Made Puzzle: Integrating Self-Assembly and Pattern Formation Under Non-Random Genetic Regulation
  Rene Doursat      Abstract    Paper #292

Hard Sociology
   Chairs: Joel MacAuslan

BioWar: Validation and Forecasts related to Pandemic Influenza
  Kathleen Carley, Virginia Bedford, Neal Altman, Eric Malloy, Bruce Lee      Abstract 

Simulation of Cultural Identities for Prediction of Reactions
  Bruce Skarin, Rebecca Grier, Alexander Lubyansky, Lawrence Wolpert      Abstract 

Intractable Conflict as a Dynamical System
  Larry Liebovitch, Robin Vallacher, Andrzej Nowak, Lan Bui-Wrzosinska, Andrea Bartoli, Peter Coleman      Abstract    Paper #265

Analyzing World-Scale Systems: The environmental impacts of globalization and trade
  Corey Lofdahl      Abstract 

Threat Networks and Threatened Networks
  Eugene Stanley      Abstract 

Modeling state stability using System Dynamics
  Daniel Goldsmith, Stuart Madnick, Nazli Choucri, Michael Siegel      Abstract 

Managing Uncertainty
   Chairs: Daniel Polani

Coping with Corruption within Complex Systems: methods for managing ambiguity
  Katharine Farrell      Abstract 

Deterministic chaos and complex dynamics in organizational behaviour: The case of work motivation
  Carlos Arrieta Salas, José Navarro Cid      Abstract 

Nonlinear Dynamics of Flow at Work and Leisure Activities
  Lucia Ceja Barba      Abstract 

Concepts, Methods & Tools
   Chairs: Hiroki Sayama

Emergent Leadership from Below: The next frontier of decision making
  Norman Johnson, Jennifer Watkins      Abstract 

Self-Organized Critical Networks
  Alfons Salden, Duco Ferro      Abstract    Paper #112

On a New Type of Information Processing for Efficient Management of Complex Systems
  Victor Korotkikh, Galina Korotkikh      Abstract    Paper #55

Using RDF to Model the Structure and Process of Systems
  Marko Rodriguez, Jennifer Watkins, Johan Bollen, Carlos Gershenson      Abstract    Paper #131

Strategies for Influencing Complex Adaptive Systems
  Anne-Marie Grisogono      Abstract 

A Conceptual Model for Human Decision Making Within Agent Based Models
  David Miron      Abstract    Paper #197

Updating Probabilities: A Complex Agent Based Example
  Adom Giffin      Abstract    Paper #273

Intentions and systems intelligence: prospects for complexity research
  Ilkka Leppänen, Raimo P. Hämäläinen, Esa Saarinen      Abstract 

Neural & Physiological Dynamics
   Chairs: Rene Doursat

Two continua in mental functioning: Focused waking to dreaming, and "Thick to thin Boundaries.
  Ernest Hartmann      Abstract 

Large scale high resolution network generation: Producing known validation sets for serial reconstruction methods that use histological images of neural tissue
  Randal Koene      Abstract 

The development of synchronized bursts and distinctive topological patterns during neural network organization.
  Einat Fuchs, Amir Ayali, Eyal Hulata, Stefano Boccaletti , Eshel Ben-Jacob      Abstract 

Modelling with Coupled Neuro-Fuzzy Map Lattices of Biological Processes
  Horia-Nicolai Teodorescu      Abstract 

Modularity and Self-Organized Functional Architectures in the Brain
  Laxmi Iyer, Ali Minai, Simona Doboli, Vincent Brown      Abstract    Paper #86

Modeling Complex Distributed Systems with Autonomous Agents Using a Membrane Computing Paradigm
  Edwin Addison      Abstract 

Chaos in Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Networks. Fuzzy Pattern Formation
  Horia-Nicolai Teodorescu      Abstract 

Systems Engineering
   Chairs: Marlene Williamson

The Effects of Complexity on the ‘Product-Service Shift’
  Ella-Mae Molloy, Murray Sinclair, Carys Siemieniuch      Abstract    Paper #16

Socio-Technical Analysis of the Space Surveillance Network
  David Broniatowski, Joseph Laracy, Matthew Richards, Nirav Shah      Abstract 

Governing Software Development: A Complex Adaptive Systems View
  Clay Williams      Abstract 

Applying Complex Systems to Systems Engineering
  Sarah Sheard      Abstract 

A Systemic Model for the Description and Comparison of Models and Standards of Processes in the SE, SwE and IT disciplines
  Manuel Mora, Ovsei Gelman, Francisco Alvarez, Rory O'Connor, Jorge Macías-Luévano      Abstract    Paper #203

Complex Dynamical Systems Evaluation in a Manufacturing Environment:A Case Study on Valeo Company
  Huseyin Ciloglu      Abstract 

IA for your IA: A prerequisite for transforming an Enterprise
  Dean Bonney      Abstract 

Socio-Economic Systems

Market interactions and agents' beliefs transmission
  Marco Lamieri, Enrico Bertacchini      Abstract 

Scaling and memory in volatility return intervals for the 500 stocks belonging to the S&P 500 index
  Fengzhong Wang, Kazuko Yamasaki, Shlomo Havlin, H. Eugene Stanley      Abstract 

Strategy and the Complex Dynamics of Information
  Nicholas Nugent, Sharon Mertz, Phil Fellman      Abstract    Paper #53

Maximal, Enforced, and Potential Entropy Production: towards an Understanding of Mechanisms for the Generation of Complexity
  Daniel Polani, Philippe Capdepuy, Chrystopher L. Nehaniv      Abstract    Paper #69

Psycho-Social Dynamics Advanced by Group Identity Modeling
  Norman Johnson, Jennifer Watkins      Abstract 

The comprehensive agent-based simulation of the urban dynamics
  Ferdinando Semboloni      Abstract 

Group Selection and the Evolution of Cooperation in Iterated Prisoner Dilemmma Games
  Ian Wilkinson, Dan Ladley, Louise Young      Abstract 

Global Concerns
   Chairs: Corey Lofdahl

Gangs, Cults and Terrorists: Issues and Solutions
  Steven Hassan      Abstract 

A Case Study of the Human Enterprise: Complex Adaptive System Theory
  Bennett Stark      Abstract 

Global Human Development: Accounting for its Regional Variation
  Robert B. Smith      Abstract 

Political Participation according to Power Laws
  Kazuyuki Takahashi      Abstract 

Complex Systems Studies and Limits of Prediction in Security Theory and Policy
  Czeslaw Mesjasz      Abstract 

Complexity approach to conflict analyzing & conflict resolution
  Shay Ben yosef      Abstract 

So many zebras, so little time: How ecological models may aid counterinsurgency operations
  Mark Drapeau, Peyton Hurley, Robert Armstrong      Abstract    Paper #259

Disrupting Terrorist Networks - A Dynamic Fitness Landscape Approach
  Phil Fellman, Jonathan Clemens, Roxana Wright, Jonathan Post, Matthew Dadmun      Abstract    Paper #60


Social Systems
   Chairs: Eve Mitleton-Kelly

Modeling Social Organization
  Kathleen Carley      Abstract 

Can You Put That in Writing? Viewing China's Modernization Through the Complexity Lens
  Max Boisot      Abstract 

Complexity as Critical Philosophy
  Paul Cilliers      Abstract 

Evolving Cultures
  Dwight Read      Abstract 

Concepts, Methods & Tools
   Chairs: David Miron

The World as Evolving Information
  Carlos Gershenson      Abstract    Paper #17

Retracts And Fixed Points In Theory Of Ordered Sets. Towards Combinatorial Computer Science
  Robert Lisek      Abstract 

Managing and Benefitting From Multi-Million Rule Systems
  Jeff Long      Abstract 

Title: Time-Behavior Models: A Conceptual Tool for Analyzing Decision-Making Options When Multiple Timescales and Network Effects Come into Play.
  Neil Wasserman      Abstract    Paper #93

What is Simplicity
  Jonathan Post, Phil Fellman      Abstract 

Synthesizing Information for Interagency Decision Makers using Simulation
  Corey Lofdahl      Abstract 

Structure and Dynamics of Organisms in Environment
  Val Bykovsky      Abstract    Paper #143

Archetypes as Symmetries in Complex Systems
  William Sulis      Abstract 

Physical Systems
   Chairs: Jonathan Post

Emergence of classical control from quantum mechanics
  Heiko Schröder, Günter Mahler      Abstract 

Is matter an emergent property of space-time?
  Claire Chevalier, Fabrice Debbasch      Abstract    Paper #75

Dynamical Emergence of Complex Structures in Field Theories
  Joel Thorarinson, Marcelo Gleiser      Abstract    Paper #122

Space-time structure of the self-gravitating compressible viscous fluids
  Yoritaka Iwata, Yasuhiro Takei, Toshio Ishitobi      Abstract 

Contribution to the modeling of complex systems described by partial differential equations: a 2D multi-agent model for convection-diffusion
  Jean Marie Dembele, Christophe Cambier      Abstract    Paper #169

Multi-scale diffusions on biological interfaces
  Fabrice Debbasch, Claire Chevalier      Abstract    Paper #76

   Chairs: Ali Minai

Evolution of Consciousness and Cultures
  LEONID PERLOVSKY      Abstract 

Random and better-than-random processes in biological and social evolution
  Rebecca Mancy      Abstract 

Agent-Based Modeling and the Evolution of Cooperation: Methods and Assumptions
  Jeff Schank      Abstract 

Systems Engineering
   Chairs: Len Troncale

The Effects of Limits to Human Abilities on System of Systems Properties
  Marcus Bjelkemyr, Bengt Lindberg      Abstract    Paper #43

Toward an organizational uncertainty principle
  W.F. (Bill) Lawless, Christian Poppeliers, James M. Grayson      Abstract 

Immunity and Information Sensitivity of Complex Product Design Process in Overlap Decomposition
  Mahmoud Efatmaneshnik, Carl Reidsema      Abstract    Paper #35

Towards System Configuration Design
  Mark Sh. Levin      Abstract    Paper #162

A Complex Systems Approach to the Design and Evaluation of Holistic Security Ecosystems
  Mihaela Ulieru, Stefan Grobbelaar      Abstract    Paper #110

Management, Innovation & Marketing
   Chairs: Ian Wilkinson

Addressing Apparently Intractable Problems: In-depth Analysis to Understand Multiple Underlying Conditions in a Problem Space
  Eve Mitleton-Kelly (Prof.)      Abstract 

Evolutionary Perspective on Collective Decision Making
  Dene Farrell, Hiroki Sayama, Shelley Dionne, Francis Yammarino, David Sloan Wilson      Abstract    Paper #283

Complexity and the Social Sciences: Insights from Complementary Theoretical Perspectives
  Anthony Masys      Abstract    Paper #49

The Necessity of Conceptual Skill Enhancement to Address Philosophical Challenges of New Science: Background and Implications
  Robert Este      Abstract    Paper #180

Engineered for Change--The Dynamically Stable Holonic Enterprise
  Vasile Buciuman-Coman      Abstract 

Tools for improving proactive decision making in complex environments
  Donald Heathfield      Abstract 

Application of Complex Systems in Business Situations
  Scott Santucci      Abstract 

CALM: CAS-Based Decision Support for Enabling Organizational Change
  Richard Adler, David Koehn      Abstract    Paper #257

The Influence of Organizational Structure on Organizational Learning
  Jeho Lee, Christina Fang, Melissa A. Schilling      Abstract 

Coalition Leadership during highly complex crisis situations
  Kent Phillips      Abstract 

Moving Beyond IT Based Enterprise Architecture: Adaptive Enterprise Design for Actionable and Agile Decision-Making
  Robert Wright      Abstract 

Systems Biology
   Chairs: Ali Minai

Fatty streak formation model
  Muneichi Shibata      Abstract 

Mathematical modeling the pathway of human breast cancer
  Xinan Zhang, Yingdong      Abstract 

The genetic network controlling E. coli metabolism as a dynamical system
  Areejit Samal, Sanjay Jain      Abstract 

Escherichia coli at the edge of chaos
  Derek Raine      Abstract    Paper #223


Social Economic & Engineering Challenges
   Chairs: Doug Norman & Sarah Sheard

Complex Systems Engineering
  Sarah Sheard      Abstract 

Principles of Bioinspired Engineering
  Don Ingber      Abstract 

The Peculiar Logic of Value
  Ray Jackendoff      Abstract 

Global Economics
  Richard Cooper      Abstract 

Scale & Hierarchy
   Chairs: Gary Nelson

An Overview of Scale Hierarchy in Complex-Adaptive Systems
  Gary Nelson      Abstract    Paper #105

The river system as a semiotic scalar hierarchy
  Pauline Couper      Abstract 

How do agents represent?
  Alex Ryan      Abstract    Paper #56

Multiple Time Scale Model of Self Organized Criticality in Human Motor Learning
  Gottfried Mayer-Kress, Yeou-Teh Liu, Karl Newell      Abstract    Paper #160

Physical Systems

Radiation Due to Josephson Oscillations in Layered Superconductors
  Lev Boulaevskii, Alexei Koshelev      Abstract 

Physical Nanoparticles with Small-World Properties: DFT calculations
  Jeremy Yancey, Mark Novotny, Steven Gwaltney      Abstract 

On a finite universe with no beginning or end
  Peter Lynds      Abstract    Paper #225

Comparative Quantum Cosmology: Causality, Singularity, and Boundary Conditions
  Phil Fellman, Jonathan Post, Christine Carmichael, Andrew Post      Abstract    Paper #26

Quantum Nash Equilibria and The Re-emergence of Quaternions
  Jonathan Post, Phil Fellman      Abstract 

Systems Engineering
   Chairs: Anne-Marie Grisogno

Complex-System Engineering
  Michael Kuras      Abstract    Paper #6

System of Systems Engineering Problems: SoS as Science? SoS as Fundable?
  Len Troncale      Abstract 

Rapid Software Evolution
  Borislav Iordanov      Abstract    Paper #46

Principles for Engineered Emergence
  Jacob Beal      Abstract 

Self-organizing mobile surveillance security
  Duco Ferro, Alfons Salden      Abstract    Paper #208

Data Interoperability: A Case Study in Complex Systems Engineering
  Marlene Williamson      Abstract    Paper #251

Unraveling Complex Systems: NASA Robotic Missions to a Lunar Dark
  Jeffrey Smith, Tracy Van Houten, Alberto Elfes, Charles Weisbin      Abstract 

Mangement, Innovation & Marketing
   Chairs: Irene Conrad

Multi-Agent Systems Modeling of Technology Succession with Short Cycles
  Sharon Mertz, Adam Groothuis, Phil Fellman, Roxana Wright      Abstract 

What can the Nash equilibrium tell us about market entry, first and second mover advantage in corporate strategy?
  David Doyon, Nicholas Nugent, Phil Fellman, Jonathan Post, Roxana Wright      Abstract 

Agent-based Market Model Validation Using Empirical Data
  Rosanna Garcia      Abstract 

Technology and Market Spillovers in the Dynamics of Industry Evolution
  Jeroen Struben      Abstract 

Statistical properties of agent-based market area model
  Zoltan Kuscsik, Denis Horvath      Abstract    Paper #129

Pedestrian Flow Scaling Through a Bottleneck
  Sanith Wijesinghe, Yaneer Bar-Yam      Abstract 

Computational Intelligence in Financial Contagion Analysis
  Antoaneta Serguieva, Hao Wu      Abstract    Paper #229

Gone Today, Here Tomorrow: Behavioral Causes of Product Returns in the Agribusiness Industry
  Paulo Goncalves      Abstract    Paper #266

Multiperiod Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Supply Chain Networks, Transaction Costs, Emissions, and Risk
  Tina Wakolbinger, Jose Cruz      Abstract 

Population Dynamics of Diseases
   Chairs: Gary Nelson

Infectious Disease Transmission as a Complex System Process
  Krishnan Raman, T.V. Rajan      Abstract    Paper #34

Agent-based models for epidemic dynamics
  Marcelo F C Gomes, Marcelo Kuperman, Sebastián Gonçalves      Abstract 

Agent Based Model of Livestock Movements
  David Miron, Irina Emelyanova, Graham Donald, Graeme Garner      Abstract    Paper #196

A Newly Identified HIV Dynamics Effect That Is A Key To HIV Control Is Reflected By Readily Observable Sequence Relationships
  James Koopman, Ethan Romero-Severson, Jong-Hoon Kim      Abstract 

   Chairs: Dan Braha

Reduction Properties in Competitive Logistic Networks with Adaptation
  Claudio Tebaldi      Abstract 

Complex Networks of Human WEB Behavior
  Peter Geczy      Abstract 

Random graph models of communication network topologies
  Hannu Reittu, Ilkka Norros      Abstract    Paper #47

Stochastic Phase Decoupling in Random Graphical Dynamical Systems
  William Sulis      Abstract 

Is there a small-world in the small world of ants?
  Nicolas Lassabe, Bruno Gaume, Hervé Luga, Yves Duthen      Abstract    Paper #200

Technology Adoption in Complex Social Networks
  Petr Svarc, Natalie Svarcova      Abstract    Paper #275

Neural & Physiological Dynamics
   Chairs: Ali Minai

Cognitive Complexity, Fractals, and Meaning Attribution
  Irina Trofimova      Abstract 

Could limbic dysregulation cause increased trait anxiety and schizophrenic symptoms?
  Lilianne Mujica-Parodi, Mayuresh Korgaonkar, Bosky Ravindranath, Anca Radulescu      Abstract 

A systems approach to schizophrenia
  Anca Radulescu, Lilianne Mujica-Parodi      Abstract 

The element of time in the emergence of mental phenomena
  Erich Harth      Abstract 

Modelling Interpersonal Pattern Dynamics in Team Sports
  Pedro Passos, Duarte Araújo, Keith Davids, Ana Diniz, Luis Gouveia, Sidónio Serpa, João Milho      Abstract 

   Chairs: Philippe Binder

  Philippe Binder      Abstract 

Creating Language across Three Time-Scales: Processing, Acquisition
  Morton Christiansen      Abstract 

The Evolution and Grounding of Language in Cognitive Agents and Robots
  Angelo Cangelosi      Abstract 

Language, biological evolution and cultural evolution
  Kenny Smith      Abstract 

A Simple Mathematical Law of Language Evolution
  Jean-Baptiste Michel      Abstract 

Social Policy for Science, Health & Education
   Chairs: Helen Harte

Bio-Inspired Process Innovation
  Zann Gill      Abstract    Paper #211

A Complex Systems Framework for Obesity Research, Policy and Practice
  Diane Finegood      Abstract 

Using Complexity Theory to Improve Public Health Partnerships
  Margaret Hargreaves      Abstract    Paper #59

Why Complexity Science can Improve Healthcare
  Alice Davidson, Marilyn Ray, Lisa Conboy, Sayel Cortes, Mike D. Norman      Abstract 

Symbiotic Application Of Nonlinear Dynamics And Classical Methods
  Una Medina      Abstract 

Education Reform at the "Edge of Chaos": Constructing ETCH (An Education Theory Complexity Hybrid) for an Optimal Learning Educaiton Environment
  Dr. Irene Conrad      Abstract 

Developing a complex approach to health phenomenon (step 1)
  Myriam Patricia Cifuentes      Abstract    Paper #246


   Chairs: Ali Minai

Dynamics of Disease
  Alan Perelson      Abstract 

Evolution of Networks
  Jose Fernando F Mendes      Abstract 

Networks and Virtual Teams
  and Jessica Lipnack Jeff Stamps      Abstract 

Epidemics on Networks
  Vespignani Alessandro      Abstract 

Social Networks and the Spread of Obesity
  Nicholas Christakis      Abstract 

Dynamics of Networks
  Dan Braha      Abstract