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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)

Session: From Complex Systems To Enterprise Systems Engineering

Joe DeRosa
MITRE Corporation

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     Last modified: May 26, 2006

Session Abstract: Complex systems inform systems engineering, particularly at the system of systems (SoS) and enterprise scales. This session outlines the 2005-2006 efforts at The MITRE Corporation to define Enterprise Systems Engineering (ESE) theory and practice. It highlights the application of complexity theory in several papers that span the ESE processes and methods derived. An Introductory keynote is given by a senior official from the Department of Defense outlining their need for systems engineering of the DOD's Global Information Grid.

Session Chair: J. K. DeRosa

Keynote: Dr Anthony De Simone Office of the ASD(NII)/DOD CIO - The Global Information Grid

Session Papers:

1. De Simone A. - The Global Information Grid
2. Hoffman, K. - Complex Systems Landscape
3. Rebovich, G., Jr. Systems Thinking for the Enterprise: New &Emerging Perspectives
4. White, B. E. On the Pursuit of Enterprise Systems Engineering Ideas
5 Bonney, D. - Inquiry and Enterprise Transformation
6. DeRosa, J. K., and K. McCaughin Stakeholder Analysis to Shape the Enterprise
7. Troche, C. Documenting Complex Systems in the Enterprise
8. Roberts, J. J. Enterprise Analysis and Assessment
9. Webb, M. J. Capability-Based Engineering Analysis (CBEA)

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