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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)

Network Growth with Low-Degree Preferential Attachment

Volkan Sevim
Dept. of Physics/ Florida State U

Per Arne Rikvold
Dept. of Physics/ Florida State U

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     Last modified: May 8, 2006

We study the growth of a directed network with a new
preferential-attachment scheme, in which a new node attaches to an
existing node i with a probability proportional to 1/k_i, where
k_i is the number of outgoing links at i. This network is a
simple model of a transportation network, such as a food web, in
which new nodes prefer to attach to existing nodes in such a way
that they minimize the number of their competitors for resources. We
calculate the degree distribution for the outgoing links in the
steady state, which decays like $k\mu^k/\Gamma(k)$ for large k,
where $\mu$ is a constant. Also, we relate this mechanism to simple
food-web models by implementing it in the cascade model.

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