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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)

The Built-In Evaluation Framework: Integration and implementation of Built-In Evaluative Systems

Stanley Taylor
Taylor Consulting Group LLC

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     Last modified: February 3, 2006

Stanley Taylor, MPL, MSW, DPDS

The Built-In Evaluation Framework (BIEF) is a form of organizational development that facilitates monitoring and reporting on program effectiveness, and prepares programs for evaluation. Unlike models that attempt to reconfigure the organization to conform to their framework, the BIEF integrates into the organizationís current Management Information System, without causing undue strain on current structure or systems.

Use of this model has two primary functions (1) it offers managers an efficient, cost-effective method of monitoring and reporting the progress of new and ongoing programs, and (2) it prepares the organization for evaluations by external evaluators.

This description of the implementation and study informs academics, program managers, and human service administrators regarding evaluation, systems theory and program development, use of information technology in the field of human services and explains the Built-In Evaluation Framework theory and application. The project is a comprehensive, socio-technical, organizational change effort, which considers human conditions, workplace values and behaviors, and the internal and external context of the focal organization as key factors in the system design process.

The BIEF is improvement oriented, it works to streamline administrative processes through office rationalization and automation, making the organization more administratively adept. Once the BIEF is fully implemented and in the production/maintenance phase of operation, the focal organizationís management have the capacity to track client outcomes effectively, monitor intermediate outcome indicators, and quickly aggregate information needed for reporting and evaluation and monitoring.

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