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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)

Toward The Creation of an Intelligent Situated Computer and Related Robotic System : An Intra-functional Network of Living Analogies

William Seaman
Rhode Island School of Design, Chair Digital+Media

Otto Rössler
University of Tübingen, Germany

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     Last modified: March 31, 2006


The potential is to generate an intelligent, situated computer-driven robotic system. Two different initial approaches are discussed: the creation of such a machine via the embodiment of a series of specific algorithms on a parallel computing platform working in conjunction with a specific situated machinic sensing environment and robot; and the development of a new paradigm for computing through the generation of an Electrochemical Computer functioning in conjunction with a robot and related sensing system. Rössler’s seminal concepts including A Relational Approach to Brain function, and An Artificial Cognitive-plus-motivational System (among others) will be enfolded and form a top down “relational” analogical/biologic perspective informing both projects. We will also employ a bottom up inquiry exploring an approach for the development of an electrochemical device, abstracting and applying Rossler’s “relational” approach via an
electrochemical articulation. This will include the development of a Poly-sensing Environment as it might be used to inform the machinic senses for both “entities”; and the notion of Pattern Flows of sense perturbations as applied to potential learning, language acquisition, embodied navigation and robotic behavior. The long term goal of this part of the project includes mapping and abstracting specific neural processes into an electrochemical/sensing/situated robotic environment.

Keywords: Relational Approach, Adaptive, Situated, Intelligent, Analogical/Biologic Perspective

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