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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)

Optimally Efficient Congestion Aware Transport On Complex Networks

Bogdan Danila
University of Houston

Andrew Williams

Kenric Nelson
SI International

Yong Yu
University of Houston

Samuel Earl
SI International

John Marsh
SI International

Zoltan Toroczkai
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Kevin Bassler
University of Houston

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     Last modified: June 24, 2006

A study of transport on complex networks with routing based only on local information is presented. In the model studied particles hop from one node of the network to another according to a set of routing rules with different degrees of congestion awareness, ranging from random diffusion to rigid congestion-gradient driven flow. Each node can be either source or destination for particles and all nodes have the same routing capacity. The model is a simple version of ad-hoc wireless networks and, as such, can be considered as a model for the communication between different nodes of a mobile network. It is shown that the transport capacity increases when a small amount of congestion awareness is present in the routing rules, and that it then decreases as the routing rules become too rigid when the flow becomes strictly congestion-gradient driven. Therefore, an optimum value of the congestion awareness exists in the routing rules. It is also shown that, in the limit of a large number of nodes, networks using routing based only on local information jam at any nonzero load.

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