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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)

The Surviving Creatures – The stable state on the species Network

Yosef Maruvka
Bar-Ilan University

Nadav Shnerb
Physics Department Bar Ilan University

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     Last modified: June 27, 2006

In this work we introduce an evolutionary model that does not include natural selection as the development mechanism. The abstract genome space is considered as a network of some type (a regular graph, an Erdös-Rényi, or Scale Free network), where each point represents a certain species. A creature can give birth to a son with the same genome, or mutate and give birth to a descendent having some other genome (i.e. diffuse to some other point in the net). We assume that all creatures have the same growth rate, carrying capacity, and mutation rate (diffusion). The links of the network are the viable mutations between the different genomes. We studied the stable state of the net and found that in Erdös-Rényi (ER) networks, small nodes (species with small number of viable mutations) survive in global and local initiation. However, for scale-free networks (SFN) there is a sharp distinction between local and global initiation. In this paper we attempt to quantify the difference.

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