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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)

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  Artificial Life
Game Theory
Evolution and Ecology
Global Systems
Homeland Security
Materials Science
Mathematical Methods
Medical Simulation
Neural Dynamics
Physical Systems
Reconstructability Analysis
Science Fiction
Systems Engineering

Gustavo Santana Torrellas
A Knowledge Management Framework for Security Assessment in a Multi Agent PKI-based Networking Environment
Monday Evening Session

Alex Ryan
About the Bears and the Bees: Adaptive Responses to Asymmetric Warfare
Tuesday Evening Session

Margaret Lyell
Rob Flo
Mateo Mejia-Tellez
Agent-based simulation framework for studies of cognitive pedestrian agent behavior in an urban environment with crisis
Monday Evening Session

Stephen Ho
Paul Gonsalves
Marc Richards
Complex adaptive systems-based toolkit for dynamic plan assessment
Monday Evening Session

Giuseppe Narzisi
Venkatesh Mysore
Lewis Nelson
Dianne Rekow
Marc Triola
Liza Halcomb
Ian Portelli
Bud Mishra
Complexities, Catastrophes and Cities: Unraveling Emergency Dynamics
Tuesday Evening Session

Czeslaw Mesjasz
Complexity Studies and Security in the Complex World: An Epistemological Framework of Analysis
Tuesday Evening Session

Corey Lofdahl
Darrall Henderson
Coordinating National Power using Complex Systems Simulation
Tuesday Evening Session

Maggie Elestwani
Disaster response and complexity model: the southeast Texas Katrina-Rita response
Monday Evening Session

Donald Heathfield
Improving decision making in the area of national and international security – the future map methodology
Monday Evening Session

Naim Kapucu
Interorganizational coordination in the National Response Plan (NRP): the evolution of complex systems
Monday Evening Session

Markus Schwehm
Chris Leary
Hans-Peter Duerr
Martin Eichner
InterSim:A network-based outbreak investigation and intervention planning tool.
Tuesday Evening Session

Steven McGee
Method to Enable a Homeland Security Heartbeat - Heartbeat e9-1-1
Monday Evening Session

W. David Stephenson
Networked Homeland Security strategies
Monday Evening Session

Kevin Brandt
Operational Synchronzation
Tuesday Evening Session

Dighton Fiddner
Scale-free policy organizations’ network: artifact or phenomenon?
Monday Evening Session

Stephenson Tucker
Session: Homeland Security
Monday Evening Session

Jeff Cares
Session: Homeland Security
Tuesday Evening Session

Gary Nelson
Structure and Dynamics of Multiple Agents in Homeland Security Risk Management
Tuesday Evening Session

Nancy Hayden
Richard Colbaugh
The complexity of terrorism: considering surprise and deceit
Tuesday Evening Session

Philip Fellman
The complexity of terrorist networks
Monday Evening Session

Adrian Gheorghe
Vulnerability Assessment of Complex Critical Infrastructures
Tuesday Evening Session

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