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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)

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  Artificial Life
Game Theory
Evolution and Ecology
Global Systems
Homeland Security
Materials Science
Mathematical Methods
Medical Simulation
Neural Dynamics
Physical Systems
Reconstructability Analysis
Science Fiction
Systems Engineering

Ashok Kay (Kanagarajah)
Peter Lindsay
Anne Miller
David Parker
An exploration into the uses of agent-based modeling to improve quality of health care
Tuesday Afternoon Session

Nastaran Keshavarz
Don Nutbeam
Louise Rowling
Fereidoon Khavarpour
Can complexity theory shed light on our understanding about school health promotion?
Tuesday Afternoon Session

Alice Davidson
Marilyn Ray
Sayel Cortes
Lisa Conboy
Mike D. Norman
Complexity for human-environment well-being
Tuesday Afternoon Session

Thea Luba
Creating, Connecting and Collaborating in SonicMetro: Our on-line complex systems model for Arts Education
Tuesday Afternoon Session

Charles Hadlock
Guns, germs, and steel on the sugarscape: introducing undergraduates to agent based simulation
Tuesday Evening Session

Paulo Blikstein
Uri Wilensky
Learning About Learning: Using Multi-Agent Computer Simulation to Investigate Human Cognition
Tuesday Afternoon Session

Thea Luba
Session: Complex Systems Education
Tuesday Evening Session

Irene Conrad
Session: Education as a Complex System
Tuesday Afternoon Session

Helen Harte
Session: Healthcare as a Complex System
Tuesday Afternoon Session

Hiroki Sayama
Teaching emergence and evolution simultaneously through simulated breeding of artificial swarm behaviors
Tuesday Afternoon Session

Nicholas Gessler
Through the looking-glass with ALiCE: artificial life, culture and evolution:
Tuesday Evening Session

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