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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)

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  Artificial Life
Game Theory
Evolution and Ecology
Global Systems
Homeland Security
Materials Science
Mathematical Methods
Medical Simulation
Neural Dynamics
Physical Systems
Reconstructability Analysis
Science Fiction
Systems Engineering

Tetsuji Emura
A spatiotemporal coupled Lorenz model drives emergent cognitive process
Thursday Evening Session

Dr. Joydeep Bhattacharya
An index of signal mode complexity based on orthogonal transformation
Thursday Evening Session

Cristian Suteanu
Anisotropy and spatial scaling aspects in the dynamics of evolving dissipative systems with discrete appearance
Wednesday Afternoon Session

Hector Sabelli
Lazar Kovacevic
Biotic Population Dynamics and the Theory of Evolution
Wednesday Afternoon Session

Konstantin L Kouptsov
Irina Topchiy
David Rector
Brain synchronization during sleep
Thursday Evening Session

Arnab Majumdar
Adriano M. Alencar
Sergey V. Buldyrev
Zoltán Hantos
H. Eugene Stanley
Béla Suki
Branching asymmetry in the lung airway tree
Thursday Evening Session

Jun Yu
Laura Gross
Christopher Danforth
Complex dynamic behavior on transition in a solid combustion model
Wednesday Afternoon Session

Sergio Andres Galindo Torres
Computational simulation of the hydraulic fracturing process using a discrete element method
Wednesday Afternoon Session

Walter Riofrio
Luis Angel Aguilar
Different Neurons Population Distribution correlates with Topologic-Temporal Dynamic Acoustic Information Flow
Thursday Evening Session

Burton Voorhees
Emergence of Metastable Mixed Choice in Probabilistic Induction
Wednesday Afternoon Session

David G. Míguez
Experimental steady pattern formation in reaction-diffusion-advection systems
Thursday Evening Session

Steve Massaquoi
Hierarchical and parallel organization, scheduled scaling of error-type signals, and synergistic actuation appear to greatly simplify and robustify human motor control
Thursday Evening Session

Christopher Danforth
James Yorke
Making forecasts for chaotic physical processes
Wednesday Afternoon Session

Michael Hauhs
Holger Lange
Organisms, rivers, and coalgebras
Wednesday Afternoon Session

Harikrishnan Parameswaran
Arnab Majumdar
Bela Suki
Relating Microscopic and Macroscopic indices of alveolar destruction in emphysema
Thursday Evening Session

David Miguez
Session: Dynamical Methods
Wednesday Afternoon Session

Gottfried Mayer-Kress
Session: Neural and Physiological Dynamics
Thursday Evening Session

Michael Holroyd
Synchronizability and connectivity of discrete complex systems
Thursday Evening Session

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