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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)

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  Artificial Life
Game Theory
Evolution and Ecology
Global Systems
Homeland Security
Materials Science
Mathematical Methods
Medical Simulation
Neural Dynamics
Physical Systems
Reconstructability Analysis
Science Fiction
Systems Engineering

Margaret J. Eppstein
Joshua L. Payne
Bill C. White
Jason H. Moore
A “random chemistry” algorithm for detecting epistatic genetic interactions
Monday Evening Session

Garrett Dancik
Karin Dorman
Doug Jones
An agent-based model for Leishmania infection
Monday Evening Session

James Glazier
Cell Oriented Modeling Biological Development using the Cellular Potts Model
Monday Evening Session

Jorge Mazzeo
Melina Rapacioli
Vladimir Flores
Characterizing cell proliferation process in the developing central nervous system
Monday Evening Session

Tinri Aegerter-Wilmsen
Christof Aegerter
Konrad Basler
Ernst Hafen
Coupling biological pattern formation and size control via mechanical forces
Thursday Afternoon Session

Holger Sueltmann
Delineating breast cancer gene expression networks by RNA interference and global microarray analysis in human tumor cells
Thursday Afternoon Session

Benjamin de Bivort
Sui Huang
Yaneer Bar-Yam
Dynamics of cellular level function and regulation derived from murine expression array data
Thursday Afternoon Session

Shai Shen-Orr
Yitzhak Pilpel
Craig Hunter
Embryonic and Maternal Genes have Different 5’ and 3’ Regulation Complexity
Thursday Afternoon Session

Robert Melamede
Endocannabinoids: Multi-scaled, Global Homeostatic Regulators of Cells and Society
Monday Evening Session

Thierry Emonet
Philippe Cluzel
From molecules to behavior in bacterial chemotaxis
Thursday Afternoon Session

Martin Greiner
Impact of observational incompleteness on the structural properties of protein interaction networks
Monday Evening Session

Ray Greek
Niall Shanks
Implications of complex systems in biomedical research using animals as models of humans
Monday Evening Session

Franziska Matthaeus
Oliver Ebenhoeh
Large-scale analysis of metabolic networks: clustering metabolites by their synthesizing capacities
Monday Evening Session

Markus Schwehm
Manuel Poppe
Modelling cytoskeleton morphogenesis with SBTools
Monday Evening Session

Guy Haskin Fernald
Jorge Oksenberg
Sergio Baranzini
Mutual information networks unveil global properties of IFNß immediate transcriptional effects in humans
Thursday Afternoon Session

Jason Bates
Nonlinear network theory of complex diseases
Monday Evening Session

Blake Stacey
On Motif Statistics in Symmetric Networks
Thursday Afternoon Session

Samantha Kleinberg
Marco Antoniotti
Satish Tadepalli
Naren Ramakrishnan
Bud Mishra
Remembrance of experiments past: a redescription approach for knowledge discovery in complex systems
Thursday Afternoon Session

Holger Sültmann
Reverse Phase Protein Arrays for protein quantification in biological samples
Monday Evening Session

Ali Minai
Session: Biological Networks
Thursday Afternoon Session

Jeff Schank
Session: Biology
Monday Evening Session

C. Anthony Hunt
Understanding Emergent Biological Behaviors: Agent Based Simulations of In vitro Epithelial Morphogenesis in Multiple Environments
Monday Evening Session

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