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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)

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  Artificial Life
Game Theory
Evolution and Ecology
Global Systems
Homeland Security
Materials Science
Mathematical Methods
Medical Simulation
Neural Dynamics
Physical Systems
Reconstructability Analysis
Science Fiction
Systems Engineering

Hideaki Suzuki
A molecular network rewiring rule that represents spatial constraint
Tuesday Evening Session

Gerald H Thomas
Hector Sabelli
Lazar Kovacevic
Louis Kauffman
Biotic patterns in the Schrödinger’s equation and the early universe
Wednesday Afternoon Session

Predrag Tosic
Computational Complexity of Counting in Sparsely Networked Discrete Dynamical Systems
Tuesday Evening Session

Zann Gill
Designing Challenges to Harness C-IQ [collaborative intelligence]
Wednesday Afternoon Session

William Sulis
Emergence in the Game of Life
Tuesday Evening Session

Kovas Boguta
Informational fracture points in cellular automata
Tuesday Evening Session

Christof Teuscher
Live and Let Die: Will there be Life after Biologically Inspired Computation?
Tuesday Evening Session

Hiroki Sayama
On self-replication and the halting problem
Wednesday Afternoon Session

William Sulis
Session: Alife and Evolution
Wednesday Afternoon Session

Hiroki Sayama
Session: Life and Computation
Tuesday Evening Session

Rene Doursat
The growing canvas of biological development: multiscale pattern generation on an expanding lattice of gene regulatory networks
Tuesday Evening Session

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