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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)

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Jeroen Struben, MIT
Identifying challenges for sustained adoption of alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure
Tuesday Evening Session - Innovation

Martin Greiner, Siemens AG
Impact of observational incompleteness on the structural properties of protein interaction networks
Monday Evening Session - Biology

Ray Greek, Americans For Medical Advancement
Niall Shanks, Wichita State U, 
Implications of complex systems in biomedical research using animals as models of humans
Monday Evening Session - Biology

Donald Heathfield, The Future Map
Improving decision making in the area of national and international security – the future map methodology
Monday Evening Session - Homeland Security

Andrew Krueger, Boston University Biomedical Engineering
Inferring Network Connectivity with Combined Perturbations
Monday Evening Session - Networks

Ravi Venkatesan, Systems Research Corporation
Information Encryption using a Fisher-Schroedinger Model
Tuesday Afternoon Session - Physical Systems

Sunitha M, Computer Science &Engg /Anna University
Information Extraction From a single Document Using Genetic Algorithm
Tuesday Afternoon Session -

Kovas Boguta, Wolfram Research
Informational fracture points in cellular automata
Tuesday Evening Session - Alife and Evolution

Pierpaolo Andriani, durham university
Jack Cohen,
Innovation in biology and technology: exaptation precedes adaptation.
Thursday Evening Session - Concepts

Dean Bonney, Engineering Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University
Inquiry and Enterprise Transformation
Thursday Afternoon Session - Systems Engineering

Lin Leung, The City University of New ork
Intelligent International Medical Network: Design and Performance Analysis
Poster Session

Nathan LaBelle, University of Northern Iowa
Eugene Wallingford, Computer Science Department, University of Northern Iowa, 
Inter-package dependency networks in open-source software
Monday Evening Session - Networks

Javier Alcazar, Cornell University
Ephrahim Garcia, Cornell University, 
Interconnecting Robotic Subsystems in a Network
Monday Evening Session - Engineering

Bryan Bergeron, Harvard Medical School
Interdependent Man-Machine Problem Solving in Serious Games
Tuesday Evening Session - Medical Simulation

Naim Kapucu, University of Central Florida
Interorganizational coordination in the National Response Plan (NRP): the evolution of complex systems
Monday Evening Session - Homeland Security

Mike Provance, University of Maryland
Interorganizational trust as the defining content of regional innovation systems
Monday Evening Session -

Indranill Basu Ray, Harvard-Thorndike Arrythmia Institute, Harvard Medical Schoo
Interpreting complex body signals to predict sudden cardiac death-the largest killer in the Western Hemisphere.
Tuesday Afternoon Session - Physiology

Markus Schwehm, University of Tübingen, Institute of Medical biometry, Germa
Chris Leary, State University of New York at Geneseo, Dept. Mathematics, USA, Hans-Peter Duerr, University of Tübingen, Institute of Medical biometry, Germany, Martin Eichner, University of Tübingen, Institute of Medical biometry, Germany, 
InterSim:A network-based outbreak investigation and intervention planning tool.
Tuesday Evening Session - Homeland Security

Valeria Prokhotskaya, Department of Biology, MV Lomonosov Moscow State University
Valentina Ipatova, Department of Biology, MV Lomonosov Moscow State University, Aida Dmitrieva, Department of Biology, MV Lomonosov Moscow State University, 
Intrapopulation changes of algae under toxic exposure
Poster Session

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