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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)

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Steve Massaquoi, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science/ Health Sciences
Hierarchical and parallel organization, scheduled scaling of error-type signals, and synergistic actuation appear to greatly simplify and robustify human motor control
Thursday Evening Session - Neural dynamics

Rene Doursat, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University o
Elie Bienenstock, Department of Neuroscience and Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University, 
How Activity Regulates Connectivity: A Self-Organizing Complex Neural Network
Poster Session

Susan and Bruce Sgorbati and Weber, Bennington College
How Deep and Broad are the Laws of Emergence?
Thursday Evening Session - Concepts

Michael Roberts, Indiana University Department of Psychological and Brain Sci
Robert Goldstone, Indiana University Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, 
Human-environment interactions in group foraging behavior
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Psychology

Mauricio Rincón-Romero, Universidad del Valle
Hydrological catchment as a Complex System for their Environmental Planning
Thursday Afternoon Session - Global Systems

Mauricio Rincón-Romero, Ingeniería Civil y Geomática, Universidad del Valle - Colomb
Mark Mulligan, Department of Geography, King's College London - UK, 
Hydrological sensitivity analysis to LUCC in Tropical Mountainous Environment
Tuesday Afternoon Session - Evolution and Ecology

Manuel Dias, OutSystems
Tanya Araújo, ISEG, 
Hypercompetitive environments: an agent based model approach
Monday Evening Session - Innovation

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