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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)

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Nastaran Keshavarz, PhD Candidate
Don Nutbeam, The University of Sydney, Louise Rowling, The University of Sydney, Fereidoon Khavarpour,
Can complexity theory shed light on our understanding about school health promotion?
Tuesday Afternoon Session - Education, Healthcare

Leonard Wojcik, The MITRE Corporation
Sam Chow, ESD MIT, Olivier de Weck, ESD MIT, Christian LaFon, ESD MIT, Spyridon Lekkakos, ESD MIT, James Lyneis, ESD MIT, Matthew Rinaldi, ESD MIT, Zhiyong Wang, ESD MIT, Paul Wheeler, ESD MIT, Marat Zborovskiy, ESD MIT, 
Can Models Capture the Complexity of the Systems Engineering Process?
Tuesday Evening Session - Systems Engineering

Jeff Schank, University of California, Davis
Chris May, Department of Psychology, University of California, Davis, Sanjay Joshi, Department of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering, University of California, Davis, 
Can robots help us understand the development of behavior?
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Psychology

Michael Webb, MITRE
Capability-Based Engineering Analysis (CBEA)
Thursday Afternoon Session - Systems Engineering

Maciej Swat, Biocomplexity Institute / Indiana University
James Glazier, Biocomplexity Institute / Indiana University, 
Cell Level Modeling Using CompuCell3D
Poster Session

James Glazier, Biocomplexity Institute, Indiana University
Cell Oriented Modeling Biological Development using the Cellular Potts Model
Monday Evening Session - Biology

Neil Lanteigne, Southern New Hampshire University
Chaos, Complexity and The Randori Principle - A New Model of Business Decision-Making
Monday Evening Session -

Claudio Tebaldi, Department of Mathematics, Politecnico of Torino
Giorgio Colacchio, Faculty of Law, University of Lecce, 
Chaotic Behavior in a Modified Goodwin's Growth Cycle Model
Thursday Evening Session - Global Systems

Jorge Mazzeo, Institute of Biomedical Engineering - Buenos Aires Universit
Melina Rapacioli, Interdisciplinary Group in Theoretical Biology; Favaloro University., Vladimir Flores, Interdisciplinary Group in Theoretical Biology; Favaloro University., 
Characterizing cell proliferation process in the developing central nervous system
Monday Evening Session - Biology

John Holmes, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine/Faculty
Communicable disease outbreak detection and emergence of etiologic phenomena in an evolutionary computation system
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Disease

Andrei Irimia, Department of physics and astronomy, Vanderbilt University
Michael Gallucci, Department of surgery, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, John Wikswo, Department of physics and astronomy, Vanderbilt University, 
Comparison of chaotic biomagnetic field patterns recorded from the arrhythmic cardiac and GI systems
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Physiology

Chi-Kuo Mao, Institute of Business and Management, National Chiao Tung Un
Cherng G. Ding, Institute of Business and Management, National Chiao Tung University, Hsiu-Yu Lee, Institute of Business and Management, National Chiao Tung University, 
Comparison of post-SARS arrival recovery patterns
Monday Evening Session - Engineering

Stephen Ho, Charles River Analytics
Paul Gonsalves, Charles River Analytics, Marc Richards, Charles River Analytics, 
Complex adaptive systems-based toolkit for dynamic plan assessment
Monday Evening Session - Homeland Security

Dobilas KIRVELIS, Dept. Biochemistry and Biophysics VILNIUS UNIVERSITY
Complex bio-system as organizationally closed-loop coding-decoding control system
Monday Evening Session -

Jun Yu, University of Vermont
Laura Gross, University of Akron, Christopher Danforth, University of Maryland (Future Affiliation: University of Vermont) , 
Complex dynamic behavior on transition in a solid combustion model
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Dynamics of Materials

Fakir Chand, Department of Physics, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra-136 119,INDIA, 
Complex dynamical invariants of a two dimensional classical system
Wednesday Afternoon Session -

Jos Timmermans, Faculty of Social Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Complex dynamics in a transactional model of societal transitions
Wednesday Afternoon Session -

Claudio Tebaldi, politecico of torino
Deborah Lacitignola, Department of Mathematics, University of Lecce, 
Complex Features in Lotka-Volterra Systems with Behavioral Adaptation
Thursday Afternoon Session - Evolution and Ecology

Thomas Brantle, Stevens Institute of Technology
M. Hosein Fallah, Stevens Institute of Technology, 
Complex knowledge networks and invention collaborations
Tuesday Evening Session - Innovation

F. Canan Pembe, Bogazici University
Haluk Bingol, Bogazici University, 
Complex Networks in Different Languages: A Study of an Emergent Multilingual Encyclopedia
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Language

Jean-Claude Torrel, Student
Claude Lattaud, Jean-Claude Heudin,
Complex Stellar Dynamics and Galactic Patterns Formation
Monday Evening Session - Mathematical Methods

Kenneth Hoffman, The MITRE Corporation
Lindsley Boiney, The MITRE Corporation, Renee Stevens, The MITRE Corporation, Leonard Wojcik, The MITRE Corporation, 
Complex systems landscapes - the enterprise in a socio-economic context
Thursday Afternoon Session - Systems Engineering

Giuseppe Narzisi, University of Catania, V.le A. Doria 6, 95125 Catania, Italy
Venkatesh Mysore, New York University, 715 Broadway #1012, New York, NY, USA, Lewis Nelson, NYU School of Medicine,, Dianne Rekow, NYU College of Dentistry, Marc Triola, NYU School of Medicine, Liza Halcomb, NYU School of Medicine, Ian Portelli, NYU CCPR, Bud Mishra, New York University, 715 Broadway #1012, New York, NY, USA, 
Complexities, Catastrophes and Cities: Unraveling Emergency Dynamics
Tuesday Evening Session - Homeland Security

Justin Scace, New England Aquarium/Edgerton Research Laboratory
Adam Dobberfuhl, New England Aquarium/Edgerton Research Laboratory, Elizabeth Higgins, Boston College, Department of Biology, Caroly Shumway, New England Aquarium/Edgerton Research Laboratory, 
Complexity and the evolution of the social brain
Thursday Evening Session - Evolution and Ecology

Alice Davidson, University of Colorado
Marilyn Ray, Florida Atlantic University, Sayel Cortes, CartoData, Lisa Conboy, Osher Institute, Harvard Medical School, Mike D. Norman, Bose Corporation, 
Complexity for human-environment well-being
Tuesday Afternoon Session - Education, Healthcare

Jonathan Post, Computer Futures, Inc.
Philip Fellman, University of Southern New Hampshire, 
Complexity in the Paradox of Simplicity
Thursday Evening Session - Concepts

Gottfried Mayer-Kress, Department of Kinesiology, Penn State University
Yeou-Teh Liu, Sports Science Institute, National Taiwan Normal University, Karl Newell, Department of Kinesiology, Penn State University, 
Complexity of Human Movement Learning
Tuesday Afternoon Session - Physiology

Kazuyuki Takahashi, School of Political Economy, Meiji University, Tokyo
Md. Mahbubush Salam Khan, Department of Information Management Science, The University of Electro Communications, Tokyo, 
Complexity on Politics -How we construct perpetual peace -
Tuesday Evening Session - Innovation

Czeslaw Mesjasz, Cracow University of Economics
Complexity Studies and Security in the Complex World: An Epistemological Framework of Analysis
Tuesday Evening Session - Homeland Security

Wm. C. McHarris, Michigan State University
Complexity via Correlated Statistics in Quantum Mechanics
Tuesday Afternoon Session - Physical Systems

Philip Fellman, Southern New Hampshire University, School of Business
Jonathan Post,
Complexity, competitive intelligence and the “first mover” advantage
Tuesday Evening Session - Innovation

Kurt Richardson, ISCE Research
Complexity, Information and Robustness: The Role of Information ‘Barriers’ in Boolean Networks
Monday Evening Session - Networks

Hank Allen, Dept. of Sociology, Wheaton College
Complexity, social physics, and emergent dynamics of the U.S. academic system
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Academia

Karoline Wiesner, Computational Science & Engineering Ctr, University of C
James Crutchfield, Computational Science & Engineering Ctr, Physics, University of California, Davis, 
Computation in Finitary Quantum Processes
Tuesday Afternoon Session - Physical Systems

Predrag Tosic, Department of Computer Science & National Center for Sup
Computational Complexity of Counting in Sparsely Networked Discrete Dynamical Systems
Tuesday Evening Session - Alife and Evolution

Sergio Andres Galindo Torres, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Computational simulation of the hydraulic fracturing process using a discrete element method
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Dynamics of Materials

jure dobnikar, Jozef Stefan Institute
Marko Jagodic, Milan Brumen,
Computer simulation of bacterial chemotaxis
Poster Session

Helene Langevin, University of Vermont
Connective tissue: a body-wide complex system network?
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Physiology

Pedram Hovareshti, University of Maryland College Park
John Baras, Department of Elecectrical and Computer Engineering and the Institute for systems Research, University of Maryland College Park, 
Consensus problems on small world graphs: a structural study
Tuesday Afternoon Session - Networks

Simon Angus, Economics, Univeristy of NSW
Cooperation networks: endogeneity and complexity
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Game Theory

Corey Lofdahl, BAE Systems, Advanced Information Technologies
Darrall Henderson, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, U.S. Military Academy, 
Coordinating National Power using Complex Systems Simulation
Tuesday Evening Session - Homeland Security

Philip Fellman, Southern New Hampshire University
Matthew Dadmun, Southern New Hampshire University, Neil Lanteigne, Southern New Hampshire University, 
Corporate strategy: from core competence to complexity--an evolutionary review
Monday Evening Session - Innovation

Tinri Aegerter-Wilmsen, Institute for Molecular Systems Biology, ETH Zurich
Christof Aegerter, Department of Physics, University of Konstanz, Konrad Basler, Institute for Molecular Biology, University of Zurich, Ernst Hafen, Institute for Molecular Systems Biology, ETH-Zurich, 
Coupling biological pattern formation and size control via mechanical forces
Thursday Afternoon Session - Biological Networks

Thea Luba, The MediaMetro Society
Creating, Connecting and Collaborating in SonicMetro: Our on-line complex systems model for Arts Education
Tuesday Afternoon Session - Education, Healthcare

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