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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)

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Michael Zeitlin, IPME, Russian Academy of Sciences
Antonina Fedorova, Mathematical Methods in Mechanics Group, IPME, Russian Academy of Sciences, 
Localization and fusion modeling in plasma physics: mathframework for non-equilibrium hierarchies
Session -

Fu Zhang, The Mathworks, Inc
Benito Fernndez-Rodriguez, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UT Austin, 
Feedback Linearization Control Of Systems With Singularities
Monday Evening Session - Mathematical Methods

Xiaowen Zhang, CS Dept., GSUC-CUNY, 365 5th Ave., NY, NY 10016, U.S.A.
Ke Tang, CS Dept., GSUC-CUNY, 365 5th Ave., NY, NY 10016, U.S.A., Li Shu, Computer Science School, Sichuan University, 610065, China, 
A Chaotic Cipher Mmohocc and Its Randomness Evaluation
Monday Evening Session - Mathematical Methods

Martin Zwick, Portland State University
Alan Mishchenko, Department of EECS, University of California Berkeley, 
Binary Decision Diagrams and Crisp Possibilistic Reconstructability Analysis
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Mathematical Methods

Martin Zwick, Systems Science Ph.D. Program, Portland State University
A Short Tutorial on Reconstructability Analysis
Thursday Evening Session - Reconstructability Analysis

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