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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)

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Kazuyuki Takahashi, School of Political Economy, Meiji University, Tokyo
Md. Mahbubush Salam Khan, Department of Information Management Science, The University of Electro Communications, Tokyo, 
Complexity on Politics -How we construct perpetual peace -
Tuesday Evening Session - Innovation

Sachin Talathi, Institute for Nonlinear Science
Henry Abarbanel, University of California San Diego,  ,
Neural Circuitry for Recognizing Interspike Interval Sequences
Tuesday Evening Session -

C. Tang, xiangtan university
Y. Tang, Department of Physics, Xiangtan University, J.X. Zhong, Department of Physics, Xiangtan University, 
Small world networks with a distance-dependent connection probability
Tuesday Evening Session -

Stanley Taylor, Taylor Consulting Group LLC
The Built-In Evaluation Framework: Integration and implementation of Built-In Evaluative Systems
Tuesday Evening Session -

Claudio Tebaldi, politecico of torino
Deborah Lacitignola, Department of Mathematics, University of Lecce, 
Complex Features in Lotka-Volterra Systems with Behavioral Adaptation
Thursday Afternoon Session - Evolution and Ecology

Claudio Tebaldi, Department of Mathematics, Politecnico of Torino
Giorgio Colacchio, Faculty of Law, University of Lecce, 
Chaotic Behavior in a Modified Goodwin's Growth Cycle Model
Thursday Evening Session - Global Systems

Joseph Teran, NYU
Scientific Computing Applications in Biomedical Simulation of Soft Tissues
Tuesday Evening Session - Medical Simulation

Joseph Teran, New York University
Tuesday Evening Session -

Dalia Terhesiu, University of New South Wales, School of Mathematics
Luis da Costa, Ecole de Technologie Superieure (ETS) in Montreal (Quebec), Canada. , 
On the relationship between complex dynamics and complex geometrical structure
Tuesday Afternoon Session - Networks

Christof Teuscher, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Live and Let Die: Will there be Life after Biologically Inspired Computation?
Tuesday Evening Session - Alife and Evolution

Mehmet Tezcan, Free University of Brussels (VUB)
The EU Foreign Policy Governance As A Complex Adaptive System
Thursday Evening Session - Global Systems

Gerald H Thomas, Milwaukee School of Engineering
Hector Sabelli, Chicago Center for Creative Development, Lazar Kovacevic, Chicago Center for Creative Development, Louis Kauffman, University of Illinois at Chicago, 
Biotic patterns in the Schrödinger’s equation and the early universe
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Alife and Evolution

Gerald H Thomas, Milwaukee School of Engineering
Keelan Kane,
Prisonner's Dilemma in a Dynamic Game Theory
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Game Theory

Deepak Tickoo, University of Missouri-Rolla, Department of Engineering Mana
Dr. Venkat Allada, University of Missouri-Rolla, Department of Engineering Management & Systems Engineering, 
Assessing Platform Space through Commonality Indices
Wednesday Afternoon Session -

Jos Timmermans, Faculty of Social Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Complex dynamics in a transactional model of societal transitions
Wednesday Afternoon Session -

Jean-Claude Torrel, Student
Claude Lattaud, Jean-Claude Heudin,
Complex Stellar Dynamics and Galactic Patterns Formation
Monday Evening Session - Mathematical Methods

Predrag Tosic, Department of Computer Science & National Center for Sup
Computational Complexity of Counting in Sparsely Networked Discrete Dynamical Systems
Tuesday Evening Session - Alife and Evolution

Predrag Tosic, Department of Computer Science & NCSA, UIUC
Distributed Coalition Formation for Sparsely Networked Large-Scale Multi-Agent Systems
Tuesday Afternoon Session - Engineering

Carlos Troche, MITRE Corporation
Documenting Complex Systems in the Enterprise
Thursday Afternoon Session - Systems Engineering

Irina Trofimova, Collective Intelligence Laboratory McMaster University
Ensembles with Variable Structure (EVS) in the modeling of psychological phenomena
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Psychology

Svetlana Tsyganova, Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology SB RAS
Anton Tsyganov, Krasnoyarsk State University, 
Thermochemical conversion research of a substance as evolutionary study of a complex system
Wednesday Afternoon Session -

Stephenson Tucker, Sandia National Laboratories
Session: Homeland Security
Monday Evening Session - Homeland Security

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